Spectropolarimeter measures circular dichroism.

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Featuring Photo Elastic Modulator for stability, J-815 Chiro-optical spectrometer offers bench top design and wavelength from 163-900 nm. Spectra Manager II software control is standard for instrument control and data analysis, with optional 21 CFR11 compliant package available. Flexibility of spectrometer with various accessories enables techniques such as absorbance and fluorescence to be performed simultaneously on sample.

Original Press Release:

JASCO J-815 Chiro-Optical Spectrometer - The Best CD Spectropolarimeter on the Market Just Got Better


JASCO is proud to introduce the new J-815 Chiro-optical spectrometer, the latest in the "J" series of Spectropolarimeters for measuring circular dichroism.

The uniquely designed Photo Elastic Modulator (PEM) provides greater stability and higher sensitivity than previous models. Some of the new J-815 features include a new, compact bench top design, a wavelength range of 163 nm to 900 nm. Spectra Manager II software control is now standard for instrument control and data analysis, with an optional 21 CFR11 compliant package.

The J-815 offers greater flexibility with a wide range of accessories available to enable other complimentary techniques, including absorbance and fluorescence, to be performed simultaneously on the sample. The ability to extract as much data as possible from small, valuable biological samples improves efficiency and productivity.

The new J-815 is the most advanced circular dichroism instrument on the market today and confirms JASCO as the world leader in the field of chiro-optical spectroscopy.

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