Spectrophotometer provides digital color control.

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Suited for textile and apparel, consumer electronics, car interiors, and furniture and appliances, Color i®7 fully automated spectrophotometer helps companies and supply chain partners manage and verify accurate product color. It features embedded profiling function and can be integrated with most digital workflow systems. For brand owners and retailers, Color i7 creates digital signature with every color measurement for added assurance of color accuracy.

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GretagMacbeth Unveils the Color i®7

New color control technology offers manufacturers and retailers a reliable digital workflow which improves product color, time-to-market and cost

New Windsor, N.Y., USA (April 11, 2006) - GretagMacbeth launches the new Color i®7, a fully automated spectrophotometer with embedded profiling for precise digital color control. From textile and apparel to consumer electronics, car interiors, furniture and appliances, Color i7 is an essential tool to help companies and their supply chain partners better manage and verify accurate color. It helps create a powerful system that ensures the color quality and consistency of products made at different times or locations at the point-of-purchase.

The Color i7 eliminates color variability in the design, specification and production of products or product components. It features a unique self-diagnostic function that reduces costly production errors and slowdowns to help brand owners and retailers get high quality product to market faster. The Color i7 is an "open" technology that can be easily integrated with most digital workflow systems, creating fast, accurate and reliable digital color control.

"Color is a key indicator of quality and a key attribute to drive product sales. Yet the more complex and global the supply chain becomes, the more difficult it can be to control color," says Jan-Paul van Maaren, vice president and general manager of GretagMacbeth's Color and Appearance Business Unit. "The Color i7 system helps companies to digitize color in their workflow so they can more easily, reliably and cost-effectively manage their suppliers and factories the world over. A reliable digital workflow produces a color experience for customers that differentiates and supports brands at the point-of-purchase."

The Color i7 is the only spectrophotometer on the market with the profiling function embedded in the instrument. The instrument periodically prompts the operator to verify performance, which can be affected by environmental conditions such as dust and humidity. If color drift is detected, the operator can quickly and easily correct the instrument on-site through NetProfiler®, GretagMacbeth's award-winning Internet-based software application, before further color measurements are made.

"This prevents bad data from entering the supply chain before production starts, significantly reducing costly color errors that slow production and erode brand value," says van Maaren. "It also eliminates production shut downs and costs associated with servicing color control equipment."

For brand owners and retailers, Color i7 creates a digital signature with every color measurement for added assurance of color accuracy. This function is also important for manufacturers and suppliers that must document compliance with color management programs.

When operating in conjunction with GretagMacbeth's Color i®Match and Color i®QC software, the Color i7 becomes a color control system of remarkable accuracy, flexibility and simplicity. It can be easily programmed to adapt for job-specific variables to ensure reproducibility of color as fabrics, materials and substrates change.

"These capabilities provide the confidence that color precision and quality will be maintained over time," adds van Maaren. "The Color i7 helps to create a powerful digital workflow that ensures products or product components made at different times or locations look the same in the retail environment - and to the consumer's exacting eye."

About GretagMacbeth
GretagMacbeth is a worldwide technological leader of enterprise color management solutions for graphic arts, photography, digital imaging, paints, plastics, apparel, textiles and automotive, among other industries. The company, part of Amazys Holding AG headquartered in Regensdorf, Switzerland, maintains offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. GretagMacbeth trains and supports customers worldwide and is an ISO-9001 certified company.

For additional information in the United States and Canada, please call +1 845-565-7660, in Europe, please call +41 1 842 24 00, or +852-2368-7738 in Asia, or visit GretagMacbeth's website at http://www.GretagMacbeth.com/reliabledigitalworkflow.

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