Spectrophotometer provides deep and vacuum UV measurements.

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Designed for wavelength dispersive spectral measurements from 120-350 nm, Vacuum Ultraviolet Analytical Spectrophotometer (VUVAS) suits analysis, characterization, and test of UV materials and optics, and fundamental research in sensitive, selective UV wavelength region. It provides 0.05%T RSD measurements at fixed wavelength and has stability of over 0.5%T/hr. System includes stainless steel sample chamber, vacuum-prepared internal components, and computer optimized optical system.

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McPherson, Inc. Vacuum Ultraviolet Analytical Spectrometer (VUVAS)

Deep and vacuum ultraviolet measurements have never been easier! The McPherson VUVAS is a broadly useful instrument for analysis, characterization, and test of ultraviolet materials, optics, non-linear, doped and other crystals, as well as for fundamental research in the sensitive, selective UV wavelength region.

McPherson, Inc. is releasing the Vacuum Ultraviolet Analytical Spectrophotometer (VUVAS, pronounced voo-vas), for wavelength dispersive spectral measurements from 120 to 350nm (3.5 to 10eV.) The VUVAS provides results as percent transmission or reflection, with precision of 0.05%. It works with solid samples and can be equipped with gas or liquid sample cells. Cryogenic or heated sample mounts, and raster-mapping attachments are optionally available. In reflectance mode, it is easy to adjust the angle of incidence to the sample surface. It can maintain theta/2-theta geometry for specular reflectance, or deviate from this, to measure scatter or dispersive events.

The VUVAS delivers absolute measurements. A single detector collects reference data as well as the final transmission or reflectance measurement. The ability of the VUVAS to prove spectral and photometric precision in-situ guarantees high confidence results. The VUVAS provides 0.05%T RSD measurements at a fixed wavelength, eg. 157nm. Wavelength scanning over the 120 to 350nm region results in data better than 0.3%T RSD. Overall instrument stability is better than 0.5%T per hour.

A clean stainless steel sample chamber and vacuum-prepared internal components allow efficient pumping to the 10E-5 torr vacuum range for stable, reproducible measurements. The VUVAS is also suitable for inert gas purge requiring ppm levels of O2 or H2O. Its operation is easy with provided software controls and one-touch vacuum (or purge) controls. The completely integrated VUVAS arrives assembled and tested and is easy to install. From the particulate free and tight enclosure, to UV enhanced optics, sources, detectors, and computer optimized optical system; the VUVAS improves analytical results and simplifies measurements in the 120 to 350nm wavelength range.

McPherson, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA USA) manufactures instruments and systems for spectroscopy that measure and tune specific wavelengths of light. McPherson instruments are available for quality control, teaching, physics and astronomy applications at many wavelengths; soft x-ray, vacuum UV, ultraviolet, visible and infrared (up to and including MWIR and LWIR.) For more information visit McPhersonInc.com or call 1-978-256-4512 today.

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