Specialty Igniters accommodate heavy fuel oil applications.

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CoronaArc Power Pack is available in 3 models - 12 JOULE, RAPID FIRE; 12 JOULE, STANDARD-FIRE; and 12 JOULE - respectively suited for heavy fuel oil, relatively volatile heavy fuel oil applications, and ignition of No. 2 oil main nurners or gas/oil fuel igniters. While RAPID FIRE produces 12-15 pulses/sec at 600 W, STANDARD-FIRE produces 4-6 pulses/sec at 300 W, and 12 JOULE produces 4-6 pulses/sec at 200 W. Latter is available in special gas and flare stack models.

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Power Packs for Oil Burner Applications

Fredrick Cowan & Company, Inc. has been servicing the industrial market place since 1957. We manufacture a wide range of IGNITION PROBES that are capable of meeting challenging applications including the: PowerArc "Resistive" Spark Plugs, CoronaArc® High Temperature Probes, Very High Voltage Sparkers, & High Pressure Turbine Electrodes. Probes with 3/8" dia. firing ends and 1/2" diameter firing ends with larger electrodes. Fredrick Cowan & Company is proud to introduce the new CoronaArc Power Pack available in 3 different models for fuel oil applications, oil main burners or gas/oil fuel igniters.

Introducing 12 JOULE, RAPID FIRE: Produces 12-15 pulses per second at 600 watts. Designed for the most challenging Heavy Fuel Oil applications. The combination of the 'intense rate of Arcs' and the 'high efficiency of each Arc' can actually sustain a difficult burner by keeping it partially lit until it can completely light itself. for such an 'Emersion Ignition' situation, one needs to eventually retract the electrode.

Also available from Cowan the 12 JOULE, STANDARD-FIRE: Produces 4-6 pulses per second at 300 watts. Designed for relatively volatile 'Heavy Fuel Oil' applications or 'sooted or fly-ash' covered Fuel Ignitors. Same 12 Joule Arc Energy as Rapid Fire only more economical. 12 JOULE: Produces 4-6 pulses per second at 200 watts. Desgineed for Ignition of #2 Oil Main Burners or Gas/Oil Fuel Ignitors. Useful on many non-retract applications. Uses same ignition electrode as 12 Joule units or works with compact 3/8" Dia. Probes. Special gas and "Flare Stack" models available.

Flexible designs & customizing capabilities for all burner management applications, OEM manufactures of Direct Energy Ignitors, Customized Spark Plugs, Fuel, Gas & Oil Ignitors, Customized Burners Front Packages, Flame Scanners, Corona ARC Power Packs, First & Second Evolution Ignition Circuit Technology, Corona ARC & Power ARC Latest Technology & Live-ForEver ARC Conduit. Industries serviced include, power boilers, pulp & paper, process furnaces and marine gas turbines.

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