Special Suction Pads for Plastic Film and Paper Now Available in Silicone

Although the suction pads of the series SGPN for handling plastic film and paper are already used widely in many application areas, the vacuum specialist J. Schmalz GmbH in D-72293 Glatten has now introduced a further suction pad to this series, namely the SGPN made from silicone. This considerably extends the possible application of this series of suction pads. Freshly laminated and hot workpieces, plastic films which have to be processed further and packing materials for foodstuffs can now be handled with vacuum.

Many apparently simple handling tasks, such as the handling of paper in the printing industry, quickly show that gripping with vacuum is not always as easy as one thinks, and that there are major differences between the many available suction pads. Laser printers, laser scanners and copiers, for example, generate ozone during operation, and this has negative effects on many materials used for suction pads; the silicone SGPN pads, in contrast, remain unaffected by this gas! These silicone pads are not only extremely resistant to ozone, but also to high temperatures and UV radiation, such as those used in offset printing machines to dry or harden the printing inks.

The long, tapered sealing lip of the suction pads - combined with an inner support - ensure that thin plastic films and paper are not drawn into the suction pads. Crinkling of these materials is thus reliably prevented.

The silicone suction pads are also available in foodstuff quality, which makes them interesting for the packing-materials industry and the users of packing machines. The same applies to the cosmetics industry, where high-quality cosmetics can be handled an packed automatically with the aid of silicone suction pads, even under conditions approaching those in clean rooms. Last but not least, companies producing the TV and computer monitors, microelectronic devices and solar cells benefit from these silicone suction pads, which are ideal for use in clean-room conditions.

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