Special Safety Chuck Features Accommodate All Applications

Double E sliding safety chucks are safer, easier to operate, and more rugged than tilting designs. Chucks can be flange-mounted or foot-mounted, fixed or with sidelay adjustment.

Sidelay adjustment chucks and rotary tables are available to compensate for misalignment and/or baggy web edges, and a fixed drive shaft option is even available. A fixed drive shaft is often helpful on rewinds using belt or gear driven motors.

All models can be manufactured for pneumatic operation. This solution is ideal when accessibility is difficult and/or unsafe for the operator. A large piston works as a double-acting air cylinder to open and close the chucks. Proximity sensors can be integrated with the machine's controls to ensure that the safety chucks are closed before the machine runs, and to ensure the chucks are oriented correctly for safe unloading.

Experience allows Double E to apply design features to its safety chucks to account for nuances in niche or custom applications. Examples include putting a pin through the safety chuck to work with a proximity sensor to detect when the chuck's face plate is open. This arrangement is especially useful in turret applications where the sensor is tied to a "kill switch" to prevent the turret from turning when the chuck is open.

Another possibility is an air-through design which is useful in cases where there is not enough space on the shaft journal for an air valve. The design runs an air line through the middle of the safety chuck then connects to one in the shaft. The feature is most common for applications using differential rewind shafts.

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