Special Packaging from GPI Takes Oscar Mayer® Deli Creations(TM) from Fridge to Mouth in 60 Seconds

MARIETTA, Ga., April 16- Sandwiches may vary in style and content, but two ingredients should always be constant - good taste and simple convenience.

Now Kraft Foods and Graphic Packaging have combined these qualities in a completely different way with new OSCAR MAYER® Deli Creations(TM), which use an award-winning QuiltWave(TM) microwave receptor tray to create hot restaurant-quality sandwich melts in just 60 seconds.

Each OSCAR MAYER Deli Creations package contains all the fixings for a delicious sandwich with fresh-baked taste - bread, generous amounts of OSCAR MAYER meats and Kraft cheese, plus Kraft condiments, specifically, Kraft steak sauce and Grey Poupon mustard.

"These sandwiches are prepared in a specially-designed microwavable paperboard tray that uses our revolutionary QuiltWave active microwave packaging to heat the bread to a soft and warm consistency, while at the same time fully melting the cheese and warming the meat," explained John Gerstner, senior account executive at Graphic Packaging.

"Thanks to QuiltWave packaging, consumers can take a great deli sandwich from their fridge to their mouth in about one minute."

According to Gerstner, QuiltWave active microwave packaging's exceptional performance is due to unique laminated quilts, or pockets, which expand when exposed to microwave energy and provide close contact with the food product.

"This hot surface, immediately next to the food, drives away moisture and heats the bread just right to an exceptionally fresh taste and texture, right in the microwave," added Gerstner.

"Our packaging technology, together with Kraft's proprietary dough technology, combine to give the consumer a truly upscale tasting bread."

Graphic Packaging's QuiltWave active microwave packaging is so unusual that in 2005 it was named the year's "Best in Class" new product in the food category by the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL).

"Deli Creations are an innovative new alternative for today's busy lifestyles," explained Gertsner. "It's a quick-eat that's flavorful, nutritious, and convenient."

In addition to the QuiltWave microwave receptor tray, Deli Creations use a unique camphor-shaped outer carton produced by Graphic Packaging. The carton is printed in seven colors plus a coating to attract consumer attention, plus it features a reverse cut score opening for easy consumer access. The tray is produced at Graphic Packaging's plant in Wausau, Wisconsin, while the outer carton is produced at the company's plant in Menasha, Wisconsin.

Deli Creations are available in five stock keeping units (SKU's) - Steakhouse Cheddar, Oven Roasted Ham and Cheddar, Honey Ham and Swiss, Turkey and Cheddar Dijon, and Turkey Monterrey. The product was launched in selected markets in January and was expected to be available nationwide by mid-March.

Graphic Packaging is a leading provider of paperboard packaging solutions to the beverage, food and other consumer products industries. The Company's customers include some of the most widely recognized companies in the world. Graphic Packaging International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Graphic Packaging Corporation (NYSE:GPK). Additional information about Graphic Packaging's business and products is available on its web site at www.graphicpkg.com/ .

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Source: Graphic Packaging International

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