Special Bracing for Roll Shipments

Greenville, Wis. – Large or heavy roll suspension packages may face unusual stress when shipped long-distance or overseas. To add extra stability for these rolls, Badger Plug offers specially notched timbers that securely interlock suspension boards. This unique bracing serves as tie-bars to keep endboards from twisting or racking out of position and jeopardizing the package integrity. Stabilizing braces are configured to fit each customer's unique roll protection needs. Along with special bracing, Badger Plug U Channels are used to help secure endboards to pallets, and H Channels and H Clips are used to stack the endboards.

Badger Plug: 920-757-7300 www.badgerplug.com

Since 1931, Badger Plug Company has manufactured a comprehensive line of core plugs and related products for the protection, suspension and handling of roll products. Badger's plug and roll products are used extensively in packaging and paper, film and foil converting and wherever roll products are used by industry and business.

For more information, contact:

Thomas J. Duffy

Sales Manager


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