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SPC Software maximizes user access to business intelligence.

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Jan 09, 2012 - With Scorecard Report Card feature, Synergy 2000(TM) v9.0 enables user to instantly get snapshot of vital production metrics for up to 6 characteristics. Program also includes Cost of Analysis Report, which is generated using Six Sigma methodology. Often-referenced documents, images, websites, and videos can be hyperlinked with 1-click access, regardless of filename or location. Through one view, users can see control limits, specification limits, trend test violations, and notes.

Original Press Release

Zontec Releases Synergy 2000 Version.9.0 to Maximize Users' Access to Business Intelligence

Press release date: Jan 03, 2012

Cincinnati, OH -Zontec Inc. the international developer of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions, today announced an update to its Synergy 2000(TM) for its customers worldwide. "These new capabilities are focused around enhancing the users' access to information to run their business more efficiently and effectively," said Zontec President Warren Ha. "We are leading the industry by providing superior functionality so users have multiple ways to access the wealth of information available at the click of a mouse." Zontec is consistently releasing new capabilities for its product line to so that users at all levels can increase productivity, reduce product defects, boost production rates and generate new business.

Our customers are pleased with the new enhancements as well. "I think the new features will help to provide more information to both myself, as well as operators. It will provide a better understanding of the capabilities of our machines during our production runs,"said Jake Mohn, Process Engineer, United Gear & Assembly.

Here is a brief highlight of some of the new cutting-edge features:
o A new Scorecard Report Card that enables a user to instantly get a snapshot of their vital production metrics for up to 6 characteristics
o A Cost of Analysis Report which is generated using Six Sigma methodology
o An automatic Certificate of Analysis Report that generates information
o The ability to 'hyperlink' often-referenced documents, images, websites, videos with one-click access, regardless of the filename or location
o More versatility related to trend tests and trend test rules
o Provide users one view to see control limits, specification limits, trend test violations and notes

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About Zontec
Zontec is a major world player in the statistical process control (SPC) software market, carrying on a longstanding tradition as one of the first companies to offer SPC software for personal computers in 1983. Today, Zontec is highly respected for its focus on innovation and applying new technologies that help businesses address quality issues, maximize profitability and strive for long-term continuous improvement. Zontec is unique in the industry by offering a full suite of products to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. Zontec software has been adopted worldwide by more than 5,000 companies, spanning virtually every industrial category.