Spancrete Partners with Shanghai Builder, Increases Global Impact

Spancrete precast building components will be first of their kind in the region

WAUKESHA, Wis. – Spancrete, the world leader in precast/prestressed concrete building solutions, has partnered with a builder in Shanghai to produce modern precast buildings in Shanghai. The company, Shanghai CITI_RAISE Construction Group, is building multi-level, multi-family homes with their new Spancrete precast system.

The precast system includes a Spancrete GT-120 Slipformer System, which produces Hollowcore slabs. Through this partnership, Shanghai CITI_RAISE Construction Group now produces their own precast concrete building components with the guidance and resources of Spancrete’s 70 years of expertise.

The design of the multi-family home complex, along with the Spancrete GT-120 hollowcore system producing precast concrete in Shanghai, China.

Spancrete’s full-service business model—from project conception through to completion—was a big advantage in the design of the multi-family structure to meet building codes. Their technical team introduced Shanghai CITI_RAISE Construction Group to the advantages of precast products, and custom designed and helped them gain approval for the first Spancrete Hollowcore residential building in the area.

The precast market in Shanghai was non-existent until recently due to Hollowcore materials not being accepted. In response to Spancrete’s effort to help Shanghai CITI_RAISE Construction Group bring precast buildings to the region, the city accepted Spancrete Hollowcore and added it into the local code. Spancrete’s knowledge and experience, as well as their hands-on partnership with a local builder, helped open up the precast market in Shanghai.

The partnership aspect, as President and COO Alan Antoniewicz explains, is what Spancrete is built on. He says, “We take pride in working side-by-side with our customers, using our combined vision, engineering knowledge and precast expertise to make a building project come to life.”

In the end, the partnership throughout the project made all the difference. Spancrete Senior Engineer Terry Chung added, “Shanghai CITI_RAISE Construction Group wanted our expertise in designing and building a modern precast building.  Not only did we sell them precast production equipment, but we provided extensive design, operational and technical support.” 

Spancrete has been a long-time provider of precast solutions to the China market, with nine machines currently producing, but this is its first Shanghai precast facility.

Addressing the global impact, Chung said, “This is a perfect case study on what Spancrete can do around the world. We’re thrilled to open doors to economical, modern precast building solutions for this region and beyond.”

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Now celebrating its 70th year, Spancrete is recognized as both the industry pioneer and the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of engineered precast, prestressed building solutions. Spancrete also develops and distributes the equipment that produces precast concrete worldwide. Spancrete offers full design, engineering, project management, and SpanCare™ building maintenance services. For 70 years and counting, Spancrete is Building Innovation™.

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