SPACEMAX® Deployable Shelters Chosen for Remote US Military Space Fence Program

AUSTIN, Texas — SpaceMax, the new global standard in mobile deployable shelters, has been chosen by CHUGACH Wolf Creek Federal Services for the Lockheed Martin Space Fence compound developed for the US Military, a $914 million contract to improve the way objects are tracked in space, and increase the ability to prevent space-based collisions with satellites and other valuable assets. The technologically advanced and rapidly deployable, mobile SpaceMax shelter will house key personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

Getting high quality, technologically advanced, and safe shelter to the remote island-based program is critical to the success of the Space Fence project. Standard shelters constructed of fabric or plywood are difficult to deploy, expensive to maintain, and can put key personnel and equipment at risk. The SpaceMax line of deployable shelters utilizes sophisticated and proprietary technologies that create extremely strong and safe mobile shelters. SpaceMax deployable shelters are easily transported in their container form anywhere in the world, and can be deployed into full-service hard wall shelters in minutes with plug-and-play electrical and plumbing capabilities for immediate occupancy.

"We are proud to be chosen for this unique project," said SpaceMax CEO Roger Berry. "SpaceMax advanced technologies, including our proprietary and patent pending interlocking systems with new unparalleled thermal-break design, will increase comfort, reduce costs and lower the environmental footprint for the US military and their key contractors."

The SpaceMax mobile deployable shelters will be used to provide a whole new level of mobile deployable housing and working facilities for key members of the Space Fence team.

About the Lockheed Martin Space Fence Project

About SpaceMax

SpaceMax sets the new global standard for mobile deployable shelters. Utilizing highly-advanced, proprietary and patent-pending technologies, SpaceMax provides a light weight, highly mobile shelter that can be deployed in minutes anywhere in the world. SpaceMax shelters provide new levels of quality, safety, energy efficiency, longevity, and ease of use resulting in reduced risk, an increase in ROI and higher mission effectiveness. Contact SpaceMax at or learn more at SpaceMax has named Hitman, Inc., as their current agency of record.


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