SPACEGUARD SG 14 - New Industrial Light Curtain for Doors and Gates

Nothing gets caught in industrial doors and gates equipped with the SpaceGuard SG 14 light curtain series from Telco. This technologically advanced, self-contained, light curtain system generates a dense curtain of up to 56 constantly active infrared light beams, covering the entire space between the industrial doors, making it the safest on the market.

The SG 14 light curtain system consists of a self-contained transmitter detector, SGT and receiver detector, SGR, which are to be positioned opposite of each other. The detectors are housed in a weather resistant aluminium profile available in a slim line design (12 x 30 mm) available with active heights ranging between 650 mm and 2,535 mm.

The SGR is supplied with a 12 - 36 V dc power supply with a 5 wire, solid state relay output, with wire selectable light or dark function.

The Dynamic Blanking Function which allows the detectors to be positioned in the guide tracks of an industrial door, where the door travels directly in front of the protection area, interrupting the beams sequentially from top to bottom. The special feature ensures that the system can distinguish between the closing door and an object by ignoring the beams that are interrupted by the moving door whilst leaving the remaining beams active to detect an object in the protection area.

Even contamination, direct sunlight, or high pressure water spray will not influence the performance of this advanced sensor system. A simplistic design concept, rugged weatherproof housing, ten metre sensing range and no on-site set up or external controller required, make the Telco SG 14 the perfect sensor solution in every type of installation, no matter the environment.

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