Space Management Solution tracks office seat assignments.

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Offered as combination of software and services, program performs systematic, accurate, and daily tracking of information pertaining to total space inventory (square footage, floor plans), how space inventory is allocated (seat assignments, charge backs, vacancies, how shared space is scheduled, and how space is actually used. Using this solution, organizations can plan, lease, build, program, and manage their real estate portfolio.

Original Press Release:

AgilQuest Announces Automated Space Management Solution

Richmond, VA , July 26, 2000. AgilQuest Corporation has announced an automated process for tracking office seat assignments which eliminates the cost and aggravation of perfoming manual floor inventories, and scheduling and reprogramming phone extensions for a move. Instead it provides this information continuously and automatically.

This patent pending solution is a combination of software and services for the systematic, accurate, ubiquitous, and daily tracking of information about the four layers of Space Management:

1. Total space inventory (square footage, floor plans.)

2. How the space inventory is allocated (seat assignments, charge backs, vacancies.)

3. How shared space is scheduled.

4. How space is actually used.

The solution accurately tracks seat assignments (permanently assigned desks), vacancies (unassigned desks) and charge backs. It provides daily information that tells who is sitting where and which seats are vacant. It continuously identifies which seats are available for assignment.

According to Rob Trenck, AgilQuest's Director of Marketing, "This solution is an expansion of how our OnBoard Workplace Management Solution helps organizations add people without adding more real estate, or helps organizations consolidate and optimize their current real estate portfolio."

Inventory and allocation information, produced daily, positions organizations to take AgilQuest's next step in space management: planning, leasing, building, programming and managing their real estate portfolio based on Actual Use business intelligence.

About AgilQuest Corporation

AgilQuest provides software and services solutions for the entire breadth of an organization's space management needs, including hoteling, conference room management, and move management. It's software and service solutions measure the amount of office space an organization's workforce needs in order to more efficiently and effectively manage its real estate portfolio. AgilQuest provides management with the tools necessary to reduce or avoids real estate costs, often by over $40 million annually, and make life easier for employees by allowing them to choose workplaces, find availability of empty rooms and locate colleagues.

Unlike applications that simply book or assign rooms, AgilQuest's solutions systematically and accurately measure the actual use of an entire real estate portfolio to improve worker productivity and produce real bottom line benefits.

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Robert Trenck
AgilQuest Corporation

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