Southland Equipment is Offering Extended Limited Warranty Plans for TCM by UniCarriers® Brand Products

UniCoverage offers a broad range of options for your fleet. Select from our Silver, Gold or Platinum plans depending upon the specific needs of each piece of equipment at work in your operation. Regardless of which plan you choose, UniCoverage benefits include the use of genuine OEM replacement parts and inclusion of all labor expenses for covered repairs.

Our Service Excellence Program has proven its value to customers time and again through continuous education programs that result in industry-leading, first-time repair rates. All covered repairs are made by factory-trained, authorized TCM by UniCarriers dealers using genuine OEM or UCA-authorized parts. This means your equipment will be back in the warehouse or on the production floor again – fast, to minimize the loss of valuable uptime.

Quality begins with an exceptional product design. New product plans undergo an extensive quality confirmation process where progression between tollgates is contingent upon the results of thorough inspections including suppliers, manufacturing, final assembly, and finishing with functional review and cosmetic details. All new TCM brand products include our Base* "Zero-Cost" Limited Warranty covering everything from "carriage to counterweight" for the first year or 2,000 operating hours with an additional year of Powertrain protection* on most equipment.

With UniCoverage, unexpected problems won't be a problem.

You expect a lot from your new material handling equipment. In many cases, it's the back bone of your operation. By staying on top of proper maintenance, your TCM brand trucks won't disappoint. But when the unexpected happens, you'll be glad you have UniCoverage.

UniCoverage offers extensive component and labor coverage for up to 5 years or 10,000 hours. So, when you need us, we can be there to help you keep things running smoothly so you don't miss a beat.

Why prepare for the unexpected? By maintaining your new TCM brand equipment with its recommended maintenance schedule, UniCoverage is the cost-effective way to get up to 4 years of additional coverage on many of your equipment's most expensive and key components. Zero deductibles - All covered repairs are included. You pay nothing extra for the quality service performed by an authorized TCM by UniCarriers factory-trained technician and genuine OEM replacement parts.If your operation isn't set up to take on the extra burden of repairs outside of normal wear/tear maintenance items, then place your trust in UniCoverage. Contact your local TCM by UniCarriers dealer to make the investment, then rest easy knowing you're covered.

UniCoverage Plans

Silver (Powertrain)

UniCoverage Silver guarantees the following Powertrain components over the length of your warranty period:

Internal Combustion Forklifts

Engine: Cylinder head, block and all internal parts, oil pump, oil cooler, rocker cover, oil pan, intake and exhaust manifold, flywheel, seals and gaskets.

Transmission: Transmission case gears, torque converter and converter housing, transmission control valve, internal control valve components, transmission oil pump, seals and gaskets. (Excludes clutch drum and clutch plates.)

Drive Axle: Final drive housing and all internal parts, seals and gaskets, axle tube assembly and all internal drive components. (Excludes brake assembly.)

Electric Forklifts

Motor: Traction motor. (Excludes brushes and springs.)

Traction Motor Controller & Components: Controller assembly, including print boards, choppers and contactors (excluding contact tips) and accelerator controller.

Drive Axle: Entire drive axle, excluding brake assembly.

Drive Housing: Final drive housing and all internal parts, seals and gaskets, axle tube assembly and all internal drive components.

Gold (Powertrain + Hydraulics*)

UniCoverage Gold is ideally suited for equipment in high cycle storage/retrieval applications, where long shuttles are less frequent.

Including all the same benefits the Silver plan offers, our Gold plan also contains hydraulic pump(s) and control valve(s).

Exclusions include typical wear items which may cause leaks including cylinders, hoses, tubing, fittings, etc.

Platinum (Carriage to Counterweight)

UniCoverage Platinum is the most comprehensive product coverage that UniCarriers Americas offers. Choose this plan when you to want to be free of all equipment repair expenses, with the exception of normal wear and maintenance items. Refer to UCA's Extended Warranty Statement for details.

*Hydraulics include pumps and control valves (excluding cylinders, hoses, tubing, fittings, leaks, etc.)

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