Southern California Adds Nearly 450 MW of Peak Power to Keep Lights on and Cut Dependence on Imported Electricity

ORLANDO, FLA. - December 2, 2008 :- Responding to California's growing peak energy demands, GE Energy will provide its high-efficiency, low-emission LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines for four projects. These turbines will play a critical role in helping the region keep pace with increasing power demand.

California, the nation's most populous state, has a total energy demand second only to Texas, according to the Energy Information Administration. With this order for nine aeroderivative gas turbines GE continues to play an increasingly important role in assisting California utilities to reach their energy targets.

Unparalleled reliability, load following, cycling and fast start capability, combined with a simple plant design, advanced controls technology and unmatched efficiency, have made GE's LM6000 an industry standard for municipal generation and a logical fit for supporting demand growth in California. According to the California Energy Commission, the state's peak energy demands are growing at the rate of 2.4 percent each year.

In 2007, California produced only 70 percent of the energy it consumed and the remainder was imported from other sources. Following an energy crisis earlier in the decade, the state government created an energy action plan calling for, among other things, building sufficient new generation facilities, upgrading and expanding the electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure and ensuring new generation facilities can quickly come online when necessary. GE Energy is helping California meet its energy goals by providing:

o Two LM6000PC next generation units for the City of Riverside;

o Two LM6000PC SPRINT gas turbines for MMC Energy's Chula Vista facility;

o An additional LM6000PC SPRINT for MMC Energy's Escondido Energy Upgrade Project.

o Four LM6000 units to the Southern California Public Power Authority for the City of Anaheim;

"GE Energy's aeroderivative business is committed to developing and providing diversified, efficient, reliable, low-emission, power generation technologies to help our customers meet their changing power generation needs. California's government mandated environmental regulations for electricityproducing resources and GE is providing cutting-edge aeroderivative gas turbines for four projects to help the state reach its environmental goals and meet the growing demand for peak power," said Darryl Wilson, vice president of GE Energy's aeroderivative business.
The City of Riverside will receive two additional LM6000PC next generation units with emissions control modules (ECMs) for in-city generation to meet the area's high growth and summer peak loads. This equipment will be installed alongside the two LM6000 units that became operational in 2006. GE Energy's units will operate in simple-cycle mode with natural gas as the primary fuel. The 96-MW Riverside Energy Resource Center's new units will be shipped during the fourth quarter of 2008 and installed in the first and second quarters of 2009.

Two LM6000PC SPRINT gas turbines will be used for an upgrade at MMC Energy's Chula Vista facility. The new units will provide peak power for the region, which is south of San Diego, and will allow MMC to increase capacity as well as improve efficiency and reduce emissions. The two LM6000s, totaling 94MW, will provide enough output to support 90,000 homes. The gas turbines will operate on natural gas and the facility is expected to begin commercial operation in June 2009.

MMC Energy also will receive an additional LM6000PC SPRINT gas turbine for its Escondido Energy Upgrade Project in San Diego County. The natural-gas fired plant will use the new turbine to increase the site's capacity by 50% and improve efficiency and reduce emissions. The unit is expected to begin commercial operation during the summer of 2009.

The Southern California Public Power Authority will receive four LM6000 units with ECMs for the Canyon Power Plant to meet peak load demand during the summer months and provide power to the City of Anaheim throughout the rest of the year when required. The 200-MW, simple-cycle facility will quadruple Anaheim's in-city power generation and will provide one-third of the city's peak summer load. The city currently relies on energy from the spot market during the summer months to fulfill its reserve margins, which leaves it exposed to higher market prices. However, with the new Canyon Power Plant, the City of Anaheim will have the ability to avoid such costly purchases.

The four LM6000 units will use natural gas as the primary fuel and will be shipped during the fourth quarter of 2009 and installed during the first and second quarters of 2010 with commercial operation expected in July 2010. The plant, located five miles east of Disneyland and 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles, will provide enough power for 150,000 residential customers.

GE Energy's aeroderivative division is a leading supplier of aeroderivative gas turbines and packaged generator sets for industrial and marine applications. The company provides power-generating equipment to utilities, industries and marine fleets throughout the world. It is also the world's largest and most experienced aeroderivative gas turbine service provider.

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