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Leveraging diode-pumped erbium doped fiber technology, Broadband ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) sources and EDFAs (erbium doped fiber amplifiers) are packaged for test and measurement of photonics components in 1550 nm spectral region. Self-contained BBS-410 and BBS-430 sources generate broadband output as high as 25 mW. Fully-integrated FPA-410 and FPA-415 EDFAs feature signal gains of greater than 33 dB across C-band (1520-1560 nm).

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Newport Launches New Family of ASE Sources and EDFA Amplifiers

Irvine, California - September 24, 2003 - Newport Corporation has introduced a new family of broadband ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) sources and EDFAs (erbium doped fiber amplifiers) packaged for test and measurement of photonics components in the 1550 nm spectral region. These products leverage advances in diode-pumped erbium doped fiber technology to offer a quantum increase in price/performance metric compared to conventional product designs. The product line includes the FPA-410 and FPA-415 EDFA amplifiers as well as the BBS-410 and BBS-430 broadband sources.

These new products are targeted at laboratory applications in fiber sensing, bio-medicine, telecommunications and spectroscopy. For example, these sources and amplifiers are useful for metrology tasks such as testing fiber optic components and sub-assemblies, characterizing detectors and passive components, such as FBGs, as well as for simulating WDM traffic. These sources and amplifiers are also ideal for emerging applications in fiber optic sensing, bio-medicine and fiber-based spectroscopy. This includes use in optical coherence tomography for non-invasive high resolution imaging.

The BBS-410 and BBS-430 are self-contained sources characterized by high output levels. They generate broadband output though amplification of spontaneous noise in a high gain erbium-doped fiber, resulting in output as high as 14 dBm (25 mW). The BBS-410 output spans the telecommunications C-band (1520-1560nm) and the BBS-430 source emits over the entire C and L-bands (1520-1620 nm).

The FPA-410 and FPA-415 are fully-integrated, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers which feature high gain across the C-band (1520-1560 nm). The low cost FPA-410 has a single pump diode and delivers small signal gain of >30 dB. The FPA-415 uses two pump diodes to provide >33 dB of small signal gain with a saturated output level up to 18 dBm (63 mW).

In addition to their use in conventional broadband applications, these sources and amplifiers can be used in conjunction with the Newport LambdaCommander(TM) spectral shaper to produce virtually any spectral profile on demand. This includes tunable narrowband output as well as complex spectral profiles.

More information on Newport's photonics test instrumentation product line is available on the company's Web site at

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