Sounder utilizes directional sound technology.

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Designed to complement existing fire detection systems, ExitPoint identifies escape routes leading to perimeter exits. Product emits broadband, multi-frequency low, mid, and high range signal that draws people to exits in perfect visibility or when smoke is present. Triggered by existing fire detection systems and positioned at specific locations, it can be distinguished from standard evacuation sounders and can be used to guide people up or down stairs.

Original Press Release:

ExitPoint-System Sensor's New Life-Saving Sounder Applies Directional Sound

St. Charles, IL - The new System Sensor ExitPoint sounder uses Directional Sound to identify escape routes leading to perimeter exits and complements existing fire detection systems. ExitPoint, fitted in addition to normal building evacuation sounders, offers a way to draw people to exits even in perfect visibility, yet it is without equal in smoke.

Directional Sound technology consists of a broadband, multi-frequency low, mid and high range signal. Our ears, easily and quickly locate the sound source, making it ideal for marking building exits and for building evacuation. The distinct directional sound helps occupants find the exit.

Fatalities in fires are often caused by inhalation of poisonous smoke that spreads quickly from the seat of the fire. Rapid evacuation is critical to save lives. Fire detection systems do a good job at detecting fire and notifying people they need to leave a building, but not how to get out. Triggered by existing fire detection systems and positioned at carefully chosen positions, ExitPoint guides people along escape routes. It is easily distinguished from standard evacuation sounders and can even guide people up or down stairs.

In recent trials, half of the evacuees in the first test using conventional technology failed to escape in time and would have died. In a second test, all escaped successfully in less than half the time with the assistance of ExitPoint directional sounders, even negotiating staircases. Trials have consistently shown an improvement of up to 75% in evacuation times in smoke and up to 35% without smoke.

System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire detection and notification devices, specializing in smoke detection and notification technology. System Sensor places a premium on research and development, resulting in products that are reliable, sophisticated and designed for real-world applications. With sales, service and manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, System Sensor's high quality, innovative products are the most comprehensive in the industry.

For more information on System Sensor's ExitPoint, contact System Sensor, 3825 Ohio Avenue, St. Charles, IL 60174. Telephone (800) 736-7672 or visit our website at

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