Sound Isolation Booth features are also available as upgrades.

Press Release Summary:

GK Professional Model features exterior with choice of acoustic fabric, 1 x 2 ft window in door, ventilation system with low-noise fan, silent fluorescent lights, and wall-to-wall 2 in. thick flat acoustic foam wrapped in choice of acoustic fabric. Deluxe and Double Deluxe upgrade options, available for other Sound Isolation Booths, respectively add SoundBlocker1 Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier (1 lb/ft²) and SoundBlocker2 Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier (2 lb/ft²) to each panel.

Original Press Release:

GretchKen Industries, Inc. has a New Classy "GK Professional Model" Sound Isolation Booth

GretchKen Industries, Inc. ( has a new classy "GK Professional Model" Sound Isolation Booth being offered this year and GretchKen Industries also has a new fantastic way to "Upgrade" any newly purchased GK model sound booth for maximum sound isolation.

Though the "GK Standard Model booth" has been a favorite among the recording world for more than a decade, because it offers great sound blocking power at an affordable price and it comes complete with your choice in acoustic fabric exterior, a 1'x2' window in the door, ventilation system with a low noise fan, silent fluorescent lights, and wall to wall 2" thick convoluted acoustic foam interior and many free custom features.

The "New" GK Professional Model is being embraced with great delight because it offers all the same features as the GK Standard Model, with the added bonus of a plush fabric interior. What GretchKen has done, is put in 2" thick flat acoustic foam, and wrapped it in your choice of acoustic fabric so the interior of the booth looks much more ecstatically pleasing and more professional, yet still offers the same sound blocking and absorption qualities. This is a wonderful new addition to the GK Sound Booth Models for those whose reputation for professionalism is important.

GretchKen is also offering new upgrade options for GretchKen's full line of Sound Isolation Booths. These upgrades are called the "Deluxe" and "Double Deluxe" Upgrades. The Deluxe upgrade adds GretchKen's "SoundBlocker1" Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier (1 lbs per sq. ft.) to each panel. The Double Deluxe adds "SoundBlocker2" Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier (2 lbs per sq. ft.) to each panel. GK Sound Booth panels are already manufactured as a composite of 5 different layers of materials in 5 different densities, these Deluxe and Double Deluxe Upgrades offers the consumer a chance to add a 6th layer of density to their booth, for maximum sound reduction all wrapped up with the conveniences of a single wall booth! These new upgrades are very significant in this day in age, as it gives people choices for better sound reduction without having to add double walls and deal with extra panels, hardware and complicated installations. Being GretchKen incorporates these upgrades into the layers of each booth panel as they manufacture them, it gives that add mass to each wall panel that the consumer need to help block those hard to kill mid to lower bass frequencies, and do it at an affordable price! GretchKen is getting a lot of positive feedback from their customers, who appreciate both the option to maximize their sound reduction in the booth model of their choice and they are happy that assemble stays easy. GK Sound Booths are engineered and designed to press fit together and no hardware or tools are required for assembly. GretchKen believes in keeping things simple for the consumer, and making a quality product that works great!

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