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AudioSeal(TM) sound blanket line will include AlphaEnviro(TM) Baffle, AudioSeal(TM) Drop Tile Ceiling Sound Barrier, AlphaEnviro(TM) Wall Panel, AudioSeal(TM) Pipe and Duct Wrap, AlphaFlex(TM) Banner, and PolyWrap(TM) Baffle. Each contains Knauf Insulations's formaldehyde-free Ecose Brand Fiberglass, which is manufactured from naturally occurring and/or recycled raw materials, bonded using a bio-based technology, and 100% recyclable.

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Acoustical Solutions, Inc. Announces Extended Line of 'Green' Sound Control Products

Almost every situation in which noise is a problem now has a "green" solution. Whether it's for noise issues inside, outside, in large spaces or in small ones, Acoustical Solutions, Inc. now has the resources to provide environmentally friendly fixes.

RICHMOND, VA - Acoustical solutions, Inc., a leading soundproofing and sound control company, today announced a substantial expansion to its selection of environmentally friendly products.

The new products, which will join the AudioSeal(TM) sound blanket line in Acoustical Solution's growing list of "green" noise reduction choices, are the AlphaEnviro(TM) Baffle, AudioSeal(TM) Drop Tile Ceiling Sound Barrier, AlphaEnviro(TM) Wall Panel, AudioSeal(TM) Pipe & Duct Wrap, AlphaFlex(TM) Banner and PolyWrap(TM) Baffle.

With these new products' wide range of application possibilities, Acoustical Solutions will now be able to mix, match and combine to create completely "green" solutions for its customers.

"It feels good to be able to offer so many noise reduction combinations," said Dave Ingersol, Acoustical Solutions National Sales Manager. "And just because these products are considered 'green' doesn't mean they're of different quality, they all work on the same level as our other products and some even offer extra advantages like thermal insulation, indoor and outdoor capabilities and easy to clean PVC coverings."

All of the new products contain Knauf Insulations's Ecose Brand Fiberglass. Some of its advantages are as follows:

Manufactured from naturally occurring and/or recycled raw materials and bonded using a bio-based technology

Formaldehyde free

70% less energy intensive than traditional petroleum-based bonding agents.

Ecose Fiberglass is 100% recyclable and contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled bottled glass.

The AlphaEnviro(TM) Baffles are sound absorbing hanging baffles with washable surfaces. They are available in two exterior coverings: PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) and Ripstop nylon.

The AudioSeal(TM) Drop Tile Ceiling Barrier is made of a one-eighth inch thick layer of mass loaded vinyl material weighing one pound per square foot, which is coupled with a one or two inch thick layer of Ecose Fiberglass. It has a metallic scrim facing.

The AlphaEnviroTM Wall Panels are sound absorbing Ecose Fiberglass panels with washable surfaces. These Acoustic Panels offer a wonderful solution for easy to clean noise control.

The AudioSeal(TM) Pipe and Duct Wrap is an insulation composite noise control material featuring a flexible one pound per square foot reinforced foil-faced mass loaded vinyl noise barrier bonded to a one inch thick quilted Ecose Fiberglass sound absorber.

AlphaFlex(TM) Banners are designed for facilities that require large amounts of sound absorption and acoustical treatment. They are designed to hang vertically from or parallel to the ceiling via wooden mounting stays.

PolyWrap(TM) Baffles are comprised of a heat sealed polyethylene bag encompassing the sound absorptive Ecose Fiberglass.

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