Sound Barrier Wall Transforms Industrial Environment into a Residentially Friendly Neighbor

March 13, 2007

Sturgis Iron and Metal contacted Acoustical Solutions, Inc initially in July 2006 to help resolve industrial noise and site concerns stemming from the facility's close proximity to a residential community. Sturgis was concerned with noise created by a metal shredder and sound arising from the activity of heavy equipment. The SoundScape Wall provided by Acoustical Solutions met the environmental and engineering demands of the project.

The Sturgis facility is located in Elkhart, Indiana where environmental conditions can be particularly harsh at times. Acoustical Solutions was asked to provide a sound barrier wall that could withstand decades of freeze-thaw conditions while remaining architecturally appealing to the surrounding neighbors. Sturgis Iron and Metal did not want to use a standard metal or concrete wall with the demanding conditions. In severe environmental conditions metal tends to rust and stain while concrete cracks easily in freeze-thaw conditions. Graffiti removal was also a concern with these types of walls. Erecting a metal or concrete sound barrier wall requires the use of heavy machinery, another cause of apprehension at Sturgis.

Acoustical Solutions recommended the SoundScape Wall System to meet the Sturgis Iron and Metal project requirements. The SoundScape Wall is designed to be a "hyper construction" sound wall (includes advanced focus and automatic capability on a single project). It is lightweight and requires no heavy craning. Many consultants, engineers and architects now demand advanced technology and materials in the construction of sound barrier walls. New materials are being sought out that virtually eliminate any maintenance after the acoustical wall has been installed. Unlike conventional sound wall systems, SoundScape Walls are extremely low maintenance.

Sturgis Iron and Metal's engineering demands were also met with the SoundScape Wall. The sound barrier wall needed to incorporate two gates to allow access by tractor-trailers and rail cars. Sturgis also requested the ability to retrofit the sound wall to raise its height for future sight growth. The SoundScape Wall system can be easily modified in the field to meet expansion demands.

The Sturgis Iron and Metal sound barrier wall was completed in January 2007, making the industrial site a quieter neighbor for the residential communities nearby. Acoustical Solutions offers several advanced sound wall systems that are built for demanding hyper construction. For more information please contact Tim White at 800-782-5742, ext. 32.

Contact Name: Tim White

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