Sorter has double-handling capacity.

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With two tilting trays on each cart, and ability to sort more than 40,000 items an hour, S-3000DT double-tray sorter measures, barcode-scans, and weighs items to be sorted. Economical footprint and ability to discharge items from either side of cart allow installation into facilities with limited floor space. Ideal for books, clothing, mail, pharmaceuticals, compact discs, and similarly lightweight items.

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FKI Logistex Crisplant's S-3000DT Double-Tray Sorter

Ideal Sortation Solution For High-Volume, Lightweight Items Where Space Is Limited

(Frederick, Maryland: September 25, 2002) FKI Logistex (LSE: FKI.L) Crisplant presents the S-3000DT, the next generation in double-tray sorters that quickly sorts a high volume of product in a limited sortation area. The S-3000DT, an update of the popular S-2000 double-tray sorting system, is ideal for handling clothing, mail, pharmaceuticals, toys, compact discs, books, and similarly lightweight items.

Equipped with two tilting trays on each cart instead of one, the S-3000DT is capable of sorting more than 40,000 items an hour. Because of its 'double handling' capacity, the S-3000DT has an economical footprint allowing it to fit into facilities with limited floor space. Once items are inducted to the sorter, they can be discharged from either side of the cart. This allows heavier items to be discharged to one side and lighter items to the other, ensuring that more fragile items remain unharmed during the sortation process.

Using its advanced induction unit, the S-3000DT measures, barcode-scans and weighs each item. After being fed onto the sorter trays, the items are then delivered to their destination chutes, where the trays are discharged in a controlled movement by the company's user interface, Crisplant System Controller (CSC). With the S-3000DT, both the left and right trays can be activated at the same time, or either tray can be discharged individually.

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FKI Logistex Crisplant a member company of FKI Logistex, designs and manufactures advanced sortation systems. To date, FKI Logistex Crisplant has installed more than 700 tailor-made systems worldwide. The company has locations in the U.S., France, Germany, and China. FKI Logistex was formed in 1999 as a complete single-source material handling provider to address the evolving needs of e-commerce-driven business. For additional information, contact FKI Crisplant Inc., 4612 Navistar Drive, Frederick, MD 21073, or call (240) 629-1300, or fax (240) 629-1400. Visit FKI Logistex Crisplant's website at, or e-mail us at

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FKI Logistex is a leading supplier of integrated material handling solutions for distribution, baggage handling, freight, parcel, and manufacturing applications. FKI Logistex supplies its customers with an integrated set of leading edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, carousels, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order processing software, warehouse control systems, and total materials handling automation.

FKI Logistex ( is a part of FKI plc (LSE: FKI.L) a UK-based international engineering group. FKI Logistex is comprised of the industry's most successful and recognized brands, including Alvey Systems, Cleco, Crisplant, Crisplant a/s, Automation Division (incorporating Buschman Operations, Mathews Operations, and CMP Corporation), Integration Division, Io Systems, Real Time Solutions, and White Systems.

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