Sorter handles small and thin items.

Press Release Summary:

Piece Sorter provides 6,000-8,000 sorts per hour for small and thin items from 1 oz up to 11 lb. It is easily adjustable to fit into any operation. Space-efficient design uses slide sorting with gentle touch. Non-contact/zero-maintenance power supply keeps unit running smoothly and quietly. When combined with barcode readers at sorting, accuracy is virtually 100%.

Original Press Release:

SK Daifuku Revolutionizes Small Item Sorting with the New Piece Sorter

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - SK Daifuku celebrates the New Year by introducing the latest in small items sortation technology at ProMat 2003 in Chicago, IL February 10 - 13. The revolutionary Piece Sorter allows for the widest range of product size and shapes to be sorted quickly and efficiently while keeping space efficiency at a maximum.

Able to sort cases up to 11 pounds, the truly remarkable aspect of this new tool is when it is used for very small and thin items. Sorting items that weigh less than an ounce and even very thin products is no problem for the Piece Sorter. The space efficient design is also gentle on the product using slide sorting with gentle touch.

"The new Piece Sorter takes advantage of multiple chutes, each of which can be dedicated to a single large order or many small orders," says David Janke, SK Daifuku vice president of sales and marketing. "It is also easily reconfigurable to handle
numerous orders."

The non-contact/zero maintenance power supply keeps the Piece Sorter running smoothly and quietly. When combined with barcode readers at sorting, the accuracy is virtually 100%. It also allows for twice as many highly accurate sorts in the same space
as conventional type tilt tray and cross belt sorters. Never has such a flexible and efficient design been available for sortation.

o High Capacity: 6,000 - 8,000 sorts per hour
o Sorts extremely small and thin items from one ounce up to 11 pounds
o Gentle on product and quiet operation
o Variable and easily adjustable to fit into any operation

For more information, contact SK Daifuku Corporation, 5202 Douglas Corrigan Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116. Phone: 801-359-9900; FAX: 801-359-9911; Information on SK Daifuku products and services via the Internt is available at SK Daifuku's Web site,

SK Daifuku Corporation, a Daifuku Company, designs, sells, installs, and supports a complete line of world-class logistics systems for automated material handling in manufacturing, distribution, and cleanroom environments. SK Daifuku's full range of advanced-technology products for manufacturing/distribution automation includes logistics studies, conveyors, sortation systems, transport vehicles, order-picking systems, staging and storage buffers, and real-time warehouse management software (WMS). For cleanroom applications, SK Daifuku offers a variety of stockers, lifters, and interbay/intrabay transport systems for 200mm and advanced 300mm wafer fabs, along with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Flat Panel Display (FPD) and other cleanroom applications. SK Daifuku is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with regional offices and factory representatives located throughout the United States.

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