Sonobond Ultrasonics Announces Development of Its New Single Point Ground Welder SPG 2600

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania - Sonobond Ultrasonics announced today that it has developed a new ultrasonic spot welder for use in manufacturing single point ground terminals. These terminals play an important role in eliminating the electrical noise produced by the growing number of electronic components in automobiles and the increasing complexity of their circuits.

Important News for Manufacturers of Electronic Components

In discussing the new ultrasonic spot welder, Sonobond's vice president, Melissa
Alleman, said, "For a long time now, ultrasonic welding has proven to be a quick, costeffective, environmentally-friendly way to assemble wire terminals for the automotive and other industries. However, our new unit makes it much easier to produce the single point ground terminals that help solve the problem of electrical noise caused by today's intricate vehicle systems. This 'noise' results when multiple ground connections are made within a circuit, thereby creating "ground loops." Our new Single Point Ground Welder helps solve this problem by giving manufacturers the ability to ultrasonically weld multiple wires into a single terminal. A successful weld is created with just one pulse. The unit then completes the process by folding over the terminal arms to provide stress relief on the joint."

Vice President Alleman went on to say, "We are proud and pleased by this important development in ultrasonic spot welding technology. And we look forward to
unveiling the Sonobond Single Point Ground Welder SPG 2600 at this year's Electrical
Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, May 18 and 19. We encourage
attendees to plan now on visiting us at Booth #1441 to see the new unit and learn more."

Reliable Welding with a Single Pulse

Sonobond's Single Point Ground Welder SPG 2600 is similar in appearance to the company's popular SonoWeld® 1600 Digital Metal Spot Welder. However, the new unit's tooling is designed specifically for gathering as many as 18 wires into a single
terminal. Once the weld has been made, a set of clamps automatically completes the assembly by folding over the terminal's arms to provide stress relief on the joint. The unit can confidently handle wire bundles of up to 20 square millimeters.

The unit's power supply features a built-in microprocessor that can store and
recall up to 250 weld protocols from memory. A digital display allows selection of
welding modes by time or energy and provides automatic frequency control and overload
protection. The Single Point Ground Welder has an RS232 port for transferring weld
data to or from a computer. It also utilizes automatic control monitoring that can detect when variables exceed preset power and time limits.

Like all Sonobond metal welders, the unit features heat-treated, tool steel Taper
Lock Tips. These can last for up to 100,000 welds and are designed for fast, convenient
removal and replacement. The Single Point Ground Welder, like other Sonobond
equipment, can be operated easily with minimal training.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic metal welding is a fast, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly
process that creates solid-state metallurgical bonds without heat, current, fluxes, or fillers. So there are no costs for consumables or post-assembly cleaning.
The Single Point Ground Welder SPG 2600 uses Sonobond's patented Wedge-
Reed coupling system. This system combines high vibratory force with low amplitude
coupling to create precise, dependable welds. High-frequency ultrasonic energy is
directed to the surface between the metals to be welded. This is done via the unit's
welding tip. The applied vibratory energy disperses the oxides and surface films between the work pieces. A true metallurgical bond is accomplished in one, fast step without arcs, sparks, or fumes and without melting the materials. Even lightly tinned or oxidized wires can be handled in this way.

Over Half a Century of Innovation and Leadership

For more than 50 years, Sonobond has been a worldwide leader in the application
of ultrasonic welding technology. In 1960, the company-then known as Aeroprojects-
received the first patent ever awarded for ultrasonic metal welding. Over the intervening years, Sonobond has built and maintained a well-earned reputation for its pioneering work and quality-engineered products. Today Sonobond manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic welding and bonding equipment. Among the company's many customers are leading firms in the electrical, automotive, appliance, solar, aerospace, filtration, medical, and apparel industries.

Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test

Sonobond is firmly committed to providing top-quality service. As part of this
commitment, it provides a free, no-obligation Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test to help
assure customers that Sonobond equipment is right for their specific application. Once a company decides to incorporate a Sonobond unit into its manufacturing process, every
effort is made to assure that the installation is as seamless as possible. In commenting on this dedication to service, Vice President Alleman says, "We understand that each installation is unique. So our personnel work very closely with customers to make sure everything goes smoothly. Anyone choosing Sonobond equipment can count on us for reliable, in-depth technical support before, during, and after installation."

Additional Information

Those attending the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee,
May 18-19, are invited to come to Sonobond's booth (#1441) to see the Single Point
Ground Welder SPG 2600. Information about this new unit can be obtained now by
emailing Melissa Alleman at or by calling 1-800-
323-1269. To learn more about Sonobond's other products or its free Ultrasonic Welding
Viability Test, visit

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