Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Technology Meets ABYC Standards for Electrical Systems in Marine Applications

Unique Wedge-Reed System Durably Welds Tin-Coated Wires and Terminals While Preserving Protective Properties

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania, March 28, 2017 – Marine motors present especially demanding conditions for electrical systems. Constantly exposed to high humidity, their performance relies on the protective properties of tin-coated copper wiring.

“Only Sonobond Ultrasonics’ technology can achieve consistently reliable and precisely welded tin-coated wires and terminals that remain highly productive without sacrificing the protection of the tin coating,” says Melissa Alleman, Sonobond vice president. “That distinguishes Sonobond from our competitors.” Additionally, Sonobond’s ultrasonic welders help leading marine manufacturers of wiring harnesses, battery cables and panel assemblies meet the standards of the American Boat & Yacht Council, the premier global voluntary safety standards organization in the marine industry.

Benefits of the Wedge-Reed System

Sonobond’s patented Wedge-Reed System enables its ultrasonic metal welders to do what competing ultrasonic welding machines cannot.

The Wedge-Reed System maximizes the effectiveness of ultrasonic metal welding by combining high vibratory force with low vibratory amplitude, directed in a shear mode parallel to the welding surface, and with the line of force directly over the materials being welded. This achieves the high vibratory force required to disperse the tin coating and ensure precise and dependable welds without bending stress or stalling and without compromising the conductivity of the copper.

“In contrast, competing welders use a lateral drive system that produces higher vibratory amplitude but lower vibratory force that does not successfully break through the tin coating and so fails to produce acceptable welds for tinned or heavily oxidized wires and terminals,” says Alleman.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Previous assembly methods for tin-coated wires have included mechanical crimps that were inconsistent, and resistance welding or soldering, which required substantial energy and often produced inadequate bonding.

In addition to the effectiveness of the Wedge-Reed System, Sonobond’s technology is less expensive, uses a fraction of the energy required for resistance welding, eliminates the need for solder as needed for RoHS compliance, and can speed up production with minimal operator training.

Sonobond Equipment Options

Sonobond’s ultrasonic wire splicers can accommodate a range of wire bundle sizes starting at 1 mm^2 . They can also be custom tooled to meet specific applications.

The SpliceRite™ Wire Splicer unit with 3500 Watt power supply offers one-pulse wire splicing of wire bundles up to 60 mm^2 and tinned or oxidized wire bundles as large as 35 mm^2 . Its Dual Head SpliceRite™ Ultrasonic Wire Splicer can handle lightly tinned or oxidized wire to 60 mm^2 without precleaning and can weld stranded copper wires as large as 100 mm^2 in a single pulse.

Both systems feature durable tool steel Taper Lock Tips that can last through 100,000 welds and are easily replaced without requiring recalibration. The units are also equipped with microprocessors that store and recall protocols for up to 250 welds by height, energy or time.

The SpliceRite™ Wire Splicer will be demonstrated in Booth #1548 at the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, May 10-11.

Free Welding Samples

For companies evaluating the suitability of ultrasonic metal welding technology and equipment for their particular applications, Sonobond offers a free, no-obligation welding viability test. After companies submit their materials, Sonobond technicians determine the proper equipment and any custom tooling needed to meet production requirements.

Comprehensive customer service and technical support are provided before, during and after installation to ensure that any equipment is properly incorporated into a production process.

An Industry Leader

Sonobond Ultrasonics has been a pioneer in ultrasonic technology, having received more than 150 patents, including the first ever issued for ultrasonic metal welding, in 1960. Today, Sonobond maintains its reputation for innovative and qualityengineered products, offering a complete line of ultrasonic welding and bonding equipment used by leading electrical, automotive, appliance, HVAC, solar, aerospace, filtration, marine, body armor and apparel manufacturers.

Additional Information

For more information on Sonobond’s ultrasonic welding technology and equipment, or to submit materials for a free Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test, please visit For immediate assistance call 800-323-1269, 610-696-4710, or email Or visit Sonobond in Booth #1548 at the National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, WI, May 10-11. The SpliceRite™ Wire Splicer will be demonstrated and personnel will be on hand to answer your technical questions and review your materials’ suitability for ultrasonic wire splicing.


Melissa Alleman

Vice President


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