Sonobond's Ultrasonic Assembly Capabilities for Nonwoven Applications will be on Display at IDEA 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida

Attendees will see the SeamMaster™ High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder and SureCut™ 35 Ultrasonic Cutter at Booth #1371. They can also view a new multi-media presentation featuring Sonobond machines in action and showing the wide variety of products assembled using this ultrasonic equipment.

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania — Janet Devine, President of Sonobond Ultrasonics, announced today that the company will be exhibiting its ultrasonic assembly capabilities at IDEA 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida.

In making the announcement, President Devine said, "We are looking forward to being at the IDEA®13 International Engineered Fabrics Conference Expo (April 22-25). This event is held every three years and draws hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from around the world. As a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment—and winner of a prestigious IDEA Award in 2004—it is important for us to be there. Sonobond ultrasonic bonders play a vital role in the stitch-less sealing and cutting of nonwovens and engineered fabrics used for filters, medical disposals, geotextiles, and many other products."

That's why we encourage those coming to IDEA 2013 to visit us at Booth #1371 in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

"We will have two of our machines—the SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder and the SureCut 35 Ultrasonic Hand Cutter—at our booth. In addition, we’ve prepared a new multi-media presentation showing several of our ultrasonic bonders in operation. It also includes photos of the many different end-products that can be assembled with our equipment. I believe that viewers will come away with a fuller understanding of how Sonobond ultrasonic equipment can help them find practical, cost-effective solutions to their specific production needs."

The SeamMaster™ High Profile Bonder

One of the two Sonobond machines to be exhibited at IDEA 2013 will be the SeamMaster High Profile Bonder.

Sonobond’s SeamMaster™ Series of ultrasonic bonders are similar in appearance to traditional sewing machines. However, they use no thread, glue, or other consumables. Instead, they seal, "sew," and trim nonwoven and synthetic fabrics with ultrasonic vibrations. Bonding and trimming are accomplished in one quick step. The ultrasonic process eliminates problems caused by stitch holes or glue gaps, as well as fraying or unraveling of bonded edges. SeamMaster machines have the important advantage of operating four times faster than conventional sewing machines and ten times faster than adhesive methods. They are the only ultrasonic bonders that feature a continuous-bonding rotary system. This enables them to bond more efficiently, reliably, and quickly than other "plunge" type ultrasonic bonders. Sonobond offers a selection of over 500 standard pattern wheels—plus custom designs—for slitting, sealing, seaming, embossing, and tacking.

SeamMaster bonders are frequently used to assemble filters and protective products. For example, they are the machines of choice for many companies that assemble medical disposables—such as gowns, face masks, and mattress covers—that must comply with tough OSHA regulations for barrier seams.

The most popular of Sonobond's SeamMaster Series—the SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder—will be on display at IDEA 2013. It has a higher clearance between the wheel and horn than do other SeamMaster units. This makes it ideal for hand-guided applications with tight tolerances, for use with heavy and bulky materials, and for working around curves. For example, this machine is used to fabricate insulation blankets, such as those supplied to Boeing Aircraft. Insulation blankets are custom-made to fit between the outer and inner skin to help keep the heat in the aircraft. The SeamMaster High Profile easily accommodates the different shapes and sizes required to fit around the doors, port holes, etc. It is available as a stand-alone model or as a modular unit for easy integration into the production process. And it can be equipped with a special fixture for sewing pleated filters.

The SureCut™ 35 Ultrasonic Hand Cutter

The other Sonobond machine to be exhibited at IDEA 2013 will be the SureCut 35 Ultrasonic Hand Cutter.

Sonobond's SureCut 35 Ultrasonic Cutters/Sealers are available for loommounting or as hand-held tools. They operate noiselessly, combining two steps into one by cutting and sealing the edge of synthetic films and fabrics in a single pass. This reduces labor costs by eliminating extra trimming steps. SureCut 35 machines do not cause fraying, unraveling, or material buildup (beading) along the edge. This gives them an important advantage over hot wire and rotating knife cutters. When a double layer of fabric is passed under the unit, it joins the two layers along the edge as it cuts and seals. Single slits of ribbons, labels, and Velcro strips can be produced in one fast operation. SureCut 35 Cutters/Sealers are versatile and easy to use.

Sonobond's Ultrasonic Assembly Capabilities Video

In addition to the two ultrasonic bonders, Sonobond will be introducing an informative, new multi-media presentation at IDEA 2013. It will show several Sonobond machines in operation, as well as pictures of the many different products that can be assembled using this ultrasonic equipment. These include a wide variety of filtration products ranging from HEPA-rated filters and automotive air filters to commercial vacuum bags and industrial liquid filters. Other products include disposable surgical garments, landscape and agricultural irrigation fabrics, automotive seats and carpets, awnings, ballistic vests, flags, aviation insulation panels, home furnishings, apparel, and much more.

One of the machines appearing in the new mixed-media presentation is Sonobond’s RingMaster™ Filter Bag Machine. This innovative ultrasonic bonder received the prestigious IDEA Equipment Achievement Award at the IDEAO4 Show, an honor bestowed on new products of special significance to the nonwovens and engineered fabrics field. The RingMaster was named "best of the best" for its innovative, high-quality assembly system that ultrasonically attaches felted filter media to rigid plastic rings. This two-step process produces a dependable 360° bond in less than 10 seconds without using thread, adhesives, or other consumables. The RingMaster can turn out as many as 250 bags per hour. And the filter bags it produces are used by companies in a wide variety of fields, including the petroleum, food, paper, and pharmaceutical industries.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Assembly

More and more companies are discovering the important benefits of using ultrasonic bonding. It is a proven process that is fast, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. Sonobond's ultrasonic equipment is also easy to use and requires only minimal training.

Sonobond offers a no-cost, no-obligation Ultrasonic Bonding Viability Test to help companies confirm that ultrasonic bonding is right for their specific requirements. Sample bonds are produced on Sonobond equipment using materials supplied by the potential customer. In this way, plant engineers and others can see for themselves that the process works for them. The test also gives Sonobond technicians the opportunity to recommend the ultrasonic bonder(s) best suited to that specific application. Every effort is made to assure that installation of new machinery is completed quickly with minimal disruption. Customers can count on Sonobond for superior service and technical support before, during, and after the ultrasonic equipment is installed.

Decades of Innovation and Leadership

Sonobond Ultrasonics has been a recognized leader in ultrasonic welding and bonding for 53 years. Over this period, the company has earned an outstanding reputation for innovation and quality-engineered products. Today the company offers a complete line of ultrasonic bonding and welding machines to serve customers in a wide variety of fields. These include respected names in the apparel, ballistics, filtration, automotive, appliance, electrical, solar, and aerospace industries.

In speaking specifically about Sonobond's participation in IDEA 2013, President Devine said, "Our leadership in providing top quality ultrasonic bonding equipment for nonwoven and engineered fabric applications is a well-established fact. So I encourage those coming to Miami Beach (April 22-25) to stop by Booth #1371. We’ll be there to answer their questions and to show them our SeamMaster High Profile Bonder, our SureCut 35 Hand Cutter, and our new multi-media presentation. Visitors will come away with an understanding of what Sonobond has to offer and our willingness to work with them."

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