Sono-Tek Corporation Sells 4,000 Fluxers in 40 Years

Milton, NY — Sono-Tek Corporation (OTC BB: SOTK) is proud to announce the sale of its 4,000th fluxer to Jabil Circuit Inc.  This milestone was achieved in Sono-Tek's 40th year in business.

Sono-Tek's founder, Harvey Berger, invented and patented the first ultrasonic atomizing nozzle in 1975. Sono-Tek subsequently pioneered the ultrasonic spray fluxing industry for PCB manufacturing with the development of the first SonoFlux system in 1989 for ATT. Early spray fluxing systems quickly garnered industry awards and recognition for reducing flux consumption by up to 80 percent. Over the years, Sono-Tek has built a reputation for performance, reliability and strong support for its ultrasonic fluxing systems worldwide, solidifying the company's position as the industry's leader in ultrasonic spray fluxing.

Some of the members of Sono-Tek's production and service team that were involved in Sono-Tek's 4000th ultrasonic spray fluxer milestone.

Sono-Tek became a publicly traded company in 1987 and has grown from about $2 million in sales in 1989 when Sono-Tek entered the spray fluxing market, to a team of 65 employees and about $12 million in sales in 2015 by focusing strongly on its core values of support and innovation. The SonoFlux line of spray fluxers has expanded to include systems for large contract manufacturers, OEMs and small PCB manufacturers worldwide. Sono-Tek continues to innovate and add to the SonoFlux line's unique and innovative features, the newest being the QR jet air shaping system that further improves performance and maintenance of the air shaping head.

Jabil, a global leader in manufacturing, innovation and quality since 1966, has been purchasing SonoFlux spray fluxing systems since 1994. In August 2015, they had the distinction of receiving Sono-Tek's 4000th spray fluxing system, a SonoFlux Servo.

Adwilson Sevalho, Jabil Wave Solder Engineer, commented, "We have been using Sono-Tek's equipment for many years. Over time, we have built a strong relationship based on their high level of support, quality and performance. We are proud to be part of this exciting achievement for Sono-Tek and we look forward to continued growth together."

"It is exciting to reach this landmark in 2015, our 40th year in business," commented Bennett Bruntil, Sono-Tek's Marketing Brand Manager. "With sustained drive toward innovation and field support, we are committed to continuing our position as the industry's leader in ultrasonic spray fluxing for many years to come."

In the beginning:

Sono-Tek's first major commercial offering into the fluxing market was in 1991 with the SonoFlux 591 and was designed primarily for low solids and no clean fluxes.  Popularity of spray fluxing quickly expanded due to two factors:

1. No-clean fluxes – were increasing in popularity and were difficult to control with open environment fluxing methods

2. Customers desired VOC reductions by eliminating the use of thinners


Several SonoFlux models offer drastic reductions in flux consumption compared to other spray fluxers, with better through-hole penetration and top-side fill. Addressing the challenges faced by today's PCB manufacturers, Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray fluxers are designed to run not only no-clean fluxes, but also corrosive water soluble fluxes and high solids rosin fluxes.

Two tiers of fluxers make it easy for all manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits of ultrasonic spray fluxing:

1. Basic:

SonoFlux EZ – Reciprocating fluxer

2. Higher Capability:

SonoFlux Servo – Reciprocating fluxer featuring selective area fluxing, dual flux capability and precision gear pump

SonoFlux 2000F – Stationary ultrasonic spray fluxer featuring precision gear pump

Sono-Tek ultrasonic spray fluxers are designed for easy retrofit into all major wave solder machines. Visit Sono-Tek's website at to learn more or email

About Sono-Tek Corporation

Sono-Tek is the world leader in the development and application of liquid ultrasonic atomization technology into nozzle systems and spraying and coating application systems. Compared to conventional pressure spraying methods, the company's ultrasonic nozzles do not clog, reduce liquid usage, waste, and environmental impact while achieving much more precise, uniform, thin film coatings. Sono-Tek is continually developing new applications for its unique technology, replacing wasteful practices in a world that is growing ever more environmentally sensitive. For more information, visit the company at


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