Solvent-Usage Monitor offers local and remote reporting.

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Solvent Usage Monitoring System (SUM), provides central hub for recording and reporting total usage of up to 20 solvent flowmeters. Totals or rates can be viewed in GPM or LPM on integral, digital display or output to printer via serial port. Additionally, collected data may be viewed from remote location in HTML web-page format via TCP/IP Ethernet communication port. Data page displays totals from up to 20 flowmeters on one page.

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Solvent Usage Monitor (SUM) - Recording/Reporting System

The AW Company of Franksville, WI has developed a Solvent Usage Monitoring System, or SUM. This unit is a central "HUB" for up to 20 solvent flow meters for the purpose of recording and reporting total usage. Totals or rates can be viewed in GPM or LPM on the digital display located right on the unit. Each SUM unit is manufactured with a serial port allowing the user to print usage reports using the print report function. Additionally, the collected data may be viewed from a remote location in HTML web page format via the TCP/IP Ethernet communication port on each SUM unit, directly to the users PC or through a LAN. Your home page and a data page can be accessed from the SUM using your standard web browser like MS Internet Explorer. The data page will display all 20 flow meters totals on one page in GPM. A few of the most common applications are tracking solvent usage, reporting accurate EPA numbers and the ability to identify your process waste.

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