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CANgate Converts CAN and GPS Data to Serial ASCII Data

CANbus monitoring applications often require multi-value recording of engine and emissions data. At CAS DataLoggers we recommend the dataTaker CANgate CAN-to-ASCII gateway, which filters and converts CAN (Controller Area Network) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data to serial ASCII data. Datataker is ideal to provide continuous monitoring of diesel engines--for example, by recording engine parameters, users can maintain emissions and avoid potential fines for exceeding EPA regulations.

The CANbus gateway captures the real-time automotive data available on CAN and GPS networks (e.g. Temperatures, RPM, Brake/throttle settings, Latitude/Longitude, Speed etc.) and passes it on to either a dataTaker DT80 data logger or host computer system. The CANgate also includes a GPS interface to allow integration of the positional and other information available from GPS systems. When paired with a dataTaker data logger, the CANgate is a solution enabling real-time monitoring of all desired parameters.

Comms Features:

  • 2 high-speed CANbus ports
  • Serial port for GPS
  • Serial port for datalogger or PC
  • Supports J1939, ODB, ISO and raw CAN data

Dual CAN Inputs

The dataTaker CANGate CAN to ASCII gateway filters and converts CAN (Controller Area Network) and GPS (Global Positioning System) data to serial ASCII data. Its two CAN interface ports allow connection of two independent CAN networks. CAN's versatile configuration options allow you to select the parameters of interest, apply statistical functions (average, minimum, maximum) and control the format in which data is returned.

GPS Interface

Many CAN networks are used in vehicle, transport and marine applications where positional data is critically important. For these applications, the CANGate includes a GPS interface to allow integration of the positional, speed, and other information available on GPS systems.

Configuring ASCII

Interfaced directly to a host computer system, the dataTaker CANGate is configured in simple ASCII commands. This allows a terminal software application such as HyperTerminal or dataTaker's DeTransfer to be used to configure and to retrieve data from the CANGate.

Additionally, the gateway filters and converts CAN and GPS data to Serial ASCII data. The CANgate's versatile configuration options allow users to select every measurement value of interest, to apply statistical functions (average, Min/Max, etc.), and to control the format in which data is returned. The CANgate also supports widely-used protocols such as ISO-15765 and SAE-J1939, as well as raw CAN frames.

Logging Multiple Engine Parameters

Using the dataTaker CANgate bundled with a dataTaker datalogger allows periodic recording of all critical engine parameters in real-time. Loggers such as the DT80 can record engine RPM, temperature, and a flow meter for fuel flow. This is done by utilizing its universal analog inputs and digital inputs (some as high-speed counters) for connection to nearly any sensor. The intelligent logger can also perform calculations using the data, such as total run time, average temperature, and fuel consumption. Meanwhile the CANgate passes its own data on to the dataTaker logger for storage.

Datataker's communications capabilities enable connection to the dataTaker locally, remotely or over the Internet. Users can also download data files onto a USB thumb drive by inserting it directly into the logger. This makes it easier to download the data from multiple engines once a week to later generate a report summarizing daily operating information. For emissions applications, this report can then submitted to the EPA to prove compliance, or for machine monitoring applications it can be used to extend the life and increase the profitability of the equipment's operation.

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