Solutions Expertise for Bleed-Stop

Special projects pose special challenges to Schreiner Group's employees and typically require special expertise. A case in point is the challenge of achieving reliable adhesion of a pressure-sensitive adhesive to tricky substrates.

Adhesives come in a wide range of types and compositions optimally suiting the particular application-such as rough surfaces. Adhesives for rough substrates tend to flow. This means that they migrate into and remain in the material's pores. However, the risk of adhesive bleeding is the downside of the desired high flow characteristics of such adhesives. When the adhesive bleeds from the label edges it sticks to the label roll and the roll is no longer usable for automatic dispensing.

Label users that maintain a consistent cold chain can clearly reduce the risk of adhesive bleeding. However, this implies the need for refrigerated transportation and storage of the label stock. Even during the label application process a cooling fan is required. Many users find it difficult or impossible to ensure such conditions.
Wrapping in silicone paper is another way to counteract adhesive bleeding. However, this makes processing more difficult and, therefore, is not a generally viable solution. So what to do?

Schreiner Group has developed a bleed-stop solution in which an extremely thin laminate is placed over the label, protruding two millimetres (0.08 inches) from the label edge. As a result, the fluid adhesive can bleed from the label edges but is covered by the overlamination. Even at maximum dispensing speeds this solution allows smooth processing of self-adhesive products without any additional effort.

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