SolidWorks Webinar to Focus on Delcam's Integrated CAM

SolidWorks® will focus on Delcam's Gold Partner CAM system, Delcam for SolidWorks, in a webinar on April 27th. During the webinar, SolidWorks will show how Delcam's world-class CAM solution, which is fully integrated into SolidWorks, can help reduce product manufacturing costs, shorten lead times, increase throughput and yield.

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To be presented by Craig Therrien, Product Manager, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., and Glenn McMinn and Chris Cole from Delcam, the webinar will help companies to evaluate the best integrated CAM tool for their organisation. It will demonstrate both the close integration of the Delcam system with SolidWorks design software and its overall high performance when creating toolpaths from SolidWorks models.

Delcam for SolidWorks includes comprehensive options for the programming of turning and mill-turn equipment, alongside the company's industry-leading technology for drilling and two- through five-axis milling. This broad range of strategies allows users to program everything from basic lathes and three-axis mills, up to complex mill-turn equipment and five-axis machining centres.

Delcam for SolidWorks combines the benefits associated with Delcam's PowerMILL and FeatureCAM CAM systems. It is based on Delcam's proven machining algorithms that are already used by more than 30,000 customers around the world. The software has the same focus on ease-of-use as FeatureCAM, including the automatic feature recognition and knowledge-based automation that make the system so consistent and reliable. At the same time, Delcam for SolidWorks offers PowerMILL's latest multi-threading technologies for exceptional toolpath calculation speed, plus the advanced strategies for high-speed and five-axis machining that ensure increased productivity, maximum tool life and immaculate surface finish, even when cutting the hardest, most challenging materials.

The complete range of options is fully integrated into the SolidWorks software environment so that the program looks and behaves like SolidWorks. Full associativity is maintained so that any changes in the CAD model are reflected automatically in the toolpaths. Furthermore, all toolpaths can be checked by the integrated simulation module on the computer before being passed to the machine tool.

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