Solids Handling Vortex Pumps have high-temperature design.

Press Release Summary:

Handling clear or solids-laden liquids up to 200°F, 1–10 hp SVF High Temperature/High Endurance Submersible Vortex Pumps feature (NEMA) Class R motor insulation, rated for 428°F temperature rise, and offer motor protection via oil-lubricated double mechanical seal design with seperate lip seal. Vortex style impeller is mounted out of liquid flow path, and vortex pump design passes solids up to 90% of pump OD. Seal Minder® Moisture Detection and motor overload protection are also standard.

Original Press Release:

SVF Fahrenheit® Solids Handling Vortex Pumps

High Temperature/High Endurance Design Now Available From 1HP Thru 10HP

SVF High Temperature/High Endurance Submersible Vortex Pumps are designed to pump clear or solid laden liquids up to 200°F (93°C). The SVF Series is the top choice for the toughest applications including those in:

- Food Processing

- Paper Mills

- Construction

- Sawmills

- Plywood Factories

- Sewage & Boiler Blowdown

The SVF Series is designed to handle high temperature liquids containing:

- Stringy Materials

- Rags

- Large Port Size Solids

- Wood Chips

- & Other Tough Solids!

Top Pump Features:

- Vortex Style Impeller - mounted out of the liquid flow path.

- Vortex Pump Design- passes solids up to 90% of pump outlet diameter.

- (NEMA) Class R Motor Insulation Rated For 428°F (220°C) Temp Rise.

- 200° F (93° C) Maximum Liquid Temperature.

- Three Seal Motor Protection - Oil-lubricated Double Mechanical Seal design, with seperate lip seal to protect the motor.

- Seal Minder® Moisture Detection early warning for pump & motor protection.

- Motor Overload Protection - Thermal switches embedded in the motor windings to protect the motor if the temperature or amperage rises too high.

- 50 ' High Temperature Power Cable.

- 50' High Temperature Sensor Cable - With Seal Minder® & Thermal Switch Leads.

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