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Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges use media-free filtration.

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Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges use media-free filtration.

Nov 26, 2012 - Available in manually cleaned basket style with reusable liner, or fully automatic self-cleaning design for media-free filtration, Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges remove metal chips and fines that collect in machine tool sumps and large central systems. Whether used on single machine, component, or as supplement to complete paper media filtration/recycling system, centrifuges can remove solids typically missed by barrier filtration and minimize or eliminate filter paper, bags, and cartridges.

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Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges from Eriez® Hydroflow® Consistently Remove Solids from Industrial Fluids Using Media-Free Filtration

Press release date: Sep 26, 2012

Erie, Pa. — Metal chips and fines that collect in machine tool sumps and large central systems can now be effectively removed with Eriez® Hydroflow’s Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges using media free filtration.

Unwanted solids have a detrimental effect on coolant performance and longevity and cause lost production when removed by traditional methods. The presence of chips and fines in a sump or system can cause corrosion via galvanic reaction, making it necessary to continuously remove the unwanted contaminant without delaying a plant's operation.

Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges from Eriez Hydroflow are specifically engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications and offer years of trouble-free operation.  These units are designed for a wide variety of operations, including machining, grinding and sawing, water jet cutting, de-scaling, precious metals recovery, rolling and tube mills, parts washers and many more.

Many companies prefer to remove solids on a continuous basis without the need for disposable media. These companies can benefit from the Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges, which provide continuous media free filtration to remove solids from their industrial fluids.

Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges are available in manually cleaned basket style (complete with reusable liner) or fully automatic self-cleaning designs for dependable, easy to maintain, media-free filtration solutions. Whether used on a single machine, a component, or as a supplement to a complete paper media filtration/recycling system, Eriez’ Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges can remove solids typically missed by barrier filtration and reduce or eliminate costly filter paper, bags and cartridges--all of which require disposal.

Eriez offers specialized, heavier-duty machines for operations such as carbide grinding, glass grinding, ceramics machining or grinding and vibratory finishing. These applications need more robust chips and fines removal because the solids pack so densely in the centrifuge bowl. An Eriez representative can recommend the best Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuge for your specific operation.

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