Solid State Relays suit space-restricted applications.

Press Release Summary:

Mounted on heat sinks, LTP series are available with ac or dc triggers in single- and 3-phase configurations for loads from 25-60 A. Compact relays are available in zero-crossover firing and phase angle firing configurations with working voltages from 120-660 Vac. Series mounts directly onto 35 mm DIN rail.

Original Press Release:

Love Controls Introduces New LTP Solid State Relays

LOVE CONTROLS, a division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc., Michigan City, Indiana introduces their NEW compact solid state relay (SSR) series, LTP. The LTP are compact solid state relays designed to mount directly onto 35mm DIN rail. The LTP are available with AC or DC triggers in single and three phase configurations for loads ranging from 25 up to 60 Amps. Designed for high power density in a small space, the LTP are mounted on super-high efficiency heat sinks for long life.

The LTP solid state relays are available in both zero-crossover firing and phase angle firing configurations with working voltages from 120 VAC to 660 VAC.

LOVE CONTROLS produces a broad range of instruments and sensors for temperature and process monitoring and control. Instruments range from simple single board controls to complicated microprocessor based products with computer communication capabilities. The Love Controls line of temperature sensors includes thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor assemblies and accessories. Love Controls products are designed and manufactured to high quality and reliability standards and backed by solid warranties and years of practical experience.

For more information, contact Mr. Jim Nolan, Technical Sales Manager, LOVE CONTROLS, DIVISION, DWYER INSTRUMENTS, INC., PO Box 373, 102 Hwy 212, Michigan City, IN 46361. Phone 219.879.8868, Fax 219.872.9057, Website:

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