Solid State Relays offer various cable securing methods.

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Measuring 76 x 22.5 x 43 mm, RX Series ThyRex has base module that allows user to choose from screw terminals, spring terminals, or FAST-ons for securing cable. Thyristor-based power section is soldered using vacuum bonding technology and is externally protected by aluminum plate. As fully plug-in system, series is suited for solid state switching of AC loads up to 32 A at voltages to 480 Vac when controlled by 4-32 Vdc or 24-275 Vac.

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Fast-Connect ThyRex Solid State Relays

June 1, 2005 - Buffalo Grove, IL - Carlo Gavazzi has just released the RX Series ThyRex, a new industrial product for solid state switching of AC loads up to 32A at voltages up to 480VAC, when controlled by 4-32VDC or 24-275VAC. ThyRex is an extremely compact solid state relay (SSR) that enables space savings up to 35% in the control cabinet. It's dimensions are 76 x 22.5 x 43mm (h x w x d). The ThyRex is the first solid state relay with a base module that allows the user to choose from different cable securing methods, depending on the user's preference: screw terminals, spring terminals or FAST-ons. Thyrex is therefore a unique solution for all panel builders who want to facilitate and speed up installation time.

The ThyRex provides equipment designers an easy substitution of existing relays, since the mounting dimensions fit the industry standards. The thyristor-based power section is soldered using state of the art vacuum bonding technology for added durability and is externally protected by an aluminum plate for increased mechanical strength in the field. The revolutionary fully plug-in system allows technical staffs to pre-wire the cable harness outside the electrical panel. Base modules can be separately pre-mounted onto their heat sink - a task that requires less expertise. The result is leaner panel building.

The basic plug-in system on the power side is with standard 6.3mm male FAST-ON spades. If a screw terminal is preferred, a screw-type plug that slides onto the FAST-ONs can be used for both power and load connections. If a spring terminal is preferred, a spring-type plug that fits the FAST-ONs can be used for both power and load connections. The spring-type plug allows the connection of 2 cables on each side, which means that looping from one relay to another is possible. Both screw- and spring-type plugs are original Carlo Gavazzi designs. On the control connection it is also possible to choose between screw and spring plugs. The control plugs are typically considered the industry standard.

The fully plug-in system makes the ThyRex user-friendly also to the equipment end user. Should there be some equipment overload or overheating that requires field maintenance to intervene, the plugs make diagnostics a much easier task, by eliminating the need to disconnect any cables and the risk of making the wrong connection.

The online RX ThyRex Data Sheet is here:

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List prices for the RX Series ThyRex begin at $32.00

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