Solid-State Relays include disable feature.

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SIP8-packaged in 1.48 x .3 x .68 in. enclosure, H1L series power solid-state relays come with optically coupled inputs/outputs capable of blocking up to 5,300 V for "H" series and up to 2,500 V for low-end product. Model EDR82958 is designed for ±30 Vdc (21 Vac) and current handling up to 6 A at 0.020 W, while Model EDR82953 can handle 30 Vdc with current up to 12 A and on resistance as low as 0.010 W.

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EDR/VSHolding Introduces a Family of Solid State Relays, SPDT/DPST with Disable

Louisville, KY - November 20, 2006 - Electronic Design & Research, Inc., today announced the immediate availability p/n EDR82958 (H1L30A6/12/d) and p/n EDR82959 (H1L30D12/12/d) power solid-state relays. Inputs/outputs are optically coupled capable of blocking up to 5300V, an "H" series and up to 2500V for a low-end product. The H1L-series relays are SIP8-packaged in a small 1.48"L x .3"W x .68"H enclosure. The family of SPDT/DPST with disable (1 Form A + 1 Form B) relays made for various voltages and currents. The EDR82958 designed for ±30VDC (21VAC) and current handling up to 6A at 0.020 Ohms and EDR82953 to handled 30VDC with current up to 12A and the on resistance as low as 0.010 Ohms.

The EDR82958 originally developed to commutate and distribute an audio power of PA system in a large military installation. Due to the powerful combination of voltage and current ratings, the SPDT/DPST is ideal for use in a variety of applications included DC/AC motor controls, robotics, medical equipment, railroad and traffic controls, consumer appliances, industrial controls, test and measurement equipment and I/O subsystems. Since the introduction, the H1L30A6 has being used for controlling solenoids and DC/AC motors, an analog signal switching, power distributions and power-back systems.

The SPDT/DPST with disable relay provides EDR Inc. a significant competitive advantage in the power relay market. A precision time control between the 1 Form A and the 1 Form B terminals is the true break-before-make commutation that allows terminals to be connected as a SPDT or a ½ bridge driver. The disable input is a dual function control. It disables both outputs (terminals) and cuts external power consumption to the minimum (stand-by). Is costs in lowest $30/per hundred. More information can be found at:

About EDR/VSHolding
EDR Inc. is a small high-tech company. Since its formation in 1984, the company has introduced a number of milestone inventions and technological break-through devices and equipment. Conceived neural-cell principle of processing information led to construction of the Super-High Resolution EKG and later on creation new branch of science the Neural-Network, invention of the Perpetual Pulse-Width counter opened door for a charge-pump phase detector, a n-shape and narrow-band digital filtering and hundredths other innovations that have made possible modern-day digital communication. Advance in developing power semiconductors encourage us to invest resources in developing Solid State Relays/Switches. In 2002, a patent for an intelligent solid-state relay/breaker filed and now p/n EDR82360 controls power in many submarines. During past several years EDR Inc. maintains the leadership in high-power, high-speed, and high-voltage relays, switches and drivers. Additional information about our product can be found at:

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