Solid State Purge Controller uses utility-saving feedback.

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Intended for air-purging electronic enclosures, ePurge X features entirely solid-state design and uses digital mass flow sensor to monitor flow rate of purge gas through enclosure. Along with DP, flow value lets controller provide data on instrument air consumption by specifying exact demand that will keep enclosure safely pressurized without wasting extra utilities. Purge gas is compressed air, and operating conditions include 60 psi min and 115 psi max purge pressure.

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AAI Releases Solid State Purge Controller

CONCORD, MA, USA-Today, Applied Analytics, Inc. (AAI) unveils the ePurge X, a next-generation solution for air-purging electronic enclosures. Unlike conventional purge controllers, this new offering is entirely solid state and much more in line with the design of AAI's highly automated process analyzers. The ePurge X is slated to be available both to distributors and the general public in March.

"When you glance through the brochure, you'll immediately notice the form factor," says Andy Burgess, senior mechanical engineer, AAI. "The ePurge X has an ultra-slim profile that barely protrudes from the surface of the enclosure. It also has half as many components to install as the purges that are currently available."

AAI is also introducing an entirely new concept with the utility-saving feedback feature. The ePurge X uses a digital mass flow sensor to monitor the flow rate of purge gas through the enclosure. Along with the differential pressure, this flow value allows the ePurge X to provide data on instrument air consumption by specifying the exact demand that will keep the enclosure safely pressurized without wasting any extra utilities. "In an industry of safety devices that have no inherent return on investment, we are offering a product that can pay for itself within five years in utility savings alone," says Yoav Barshad, President, AAI. "Writ large across all the air-purged enclosures in a typical industrial site, this is nothing less than a killer feature."

The ePurge product family will be used with all future purged systems from AAI. Adds Burgess: "We were compelled to develop the ePurge X when we could not find a purge solution for our own analyzer enclosures that didn't compromise the original system's form factor or complicate installation. There must be many manufacturers that, like AAI, carry high expectations for safety components. We are our own customer, and we witness the ePurge X exceed those expectations each day of production."

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