Solenoid Pumps meter and dispense liquids.

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SV500 Series is self-priming, can start from dry condition, and can lift up to 6 ft of water. Model SV500 has output range of 100 to 1500 microliters per dispense; SV515 outputs 3 to 15 microliters; SV525 outputs 10 to 40 microliters; and SV560 outputs 50 to 350 microliters per dispense. Pumps can operate up to 1,000,000 cycles without maintenance, and handle most semi- and non-corrosive fluids.

Original Press Release:

Valcor Scientific Offers SV500 Solenoid Pump Series For Durable, Cost Efficient Applications

SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Valcor Scientific, a division of Valcor Engineering Corp., is offering its SV500 Series Solenoid Operated Pump for a broad range of industrial liquid dispensing and metering applications. Self priming, they can start from a dry condition and are capable of lifting up to six feet of water.

Valcor's SV500 Pump Series are rugged and reliable, capable of operating up to 1,000,000 cycles without the need for maintenance, and can handle most semi and non-corrosive fluids. Typical industrial applications for the SV500 Series include dispensing adhesives, reagents and diluents in clinical and analytic instrumentation, ink and other additive dispensing in printing and packaging equipment, reagents in analyzers, syrup for carbonated beverages, and general cleaning solvents and lubricants for laboratory and industrial applications.

Offering high precision, excellent durability and cost-efficiency, the SV500 pumps are available in four different models.

Model SV500 with an output range between 100 to 1500 microliters per dispense

Model SV515 with an output range between 3 and 15 microliters per dispense

Model SV525 with an output range between 10 and 40 microliters per dispense

Model SV560 with an output range between 50 to 350 microliters per dispense

Valcor Scientific's SV500 offers:

- High precision, with repeatability within 2%
- Compact size - from 4.25" to 5.25" high; smaller than peristaltic and syringe pumps
- EPOM or Viton seals with various inlet/outlet fittings and electrical terminators are available
- Low cost, easily maintained and high viscosity capability

For more information and free literature about Valcor's SV500 Pump Series, contact: VALCOR Scientific, 2 Lawrence Road, Springfield, NJ 07081, or call: 973-467-8400, Fax: 973-467-9592,
or visit the Valcor website at:

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