Solenoid-Operated Vacuum Pumps suit high-speed applications.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for automation and assembly applications, VP Series Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps are available with integrated solenoid valve for rapid pick-and-place operations. Built-in, direct-acting valve (BV option) connects directly to pump, providing solenoid-operated vacuum pump with cycle rates up to 80 cycles/sec. Featuring straight-through design, maintenance-free pumps offer precise control of vacuum flow and vacuum level up to 28 in. Hg.

Original Press Release:

Vaccon Introduces New Line of Solenoid-Operated Vacuum Pumps for Automation Applications that Demand High Speed & Repeatability

Medway, MA  — Vaccon Co., a U.S. manufacturer of air-powered venturi vacuum pumps, announced today a new line of solenoid-operated vacuum pumps designed for high speed industrial, robotic, manufacturing environments.

Designed for automation and assembly applications, Vaccon’s VP Series modular venturi vacuum pumps and manifolds are now available with an integrated solenoid valve for rapid, reliable and efficient pick and place operations.   

Vaccon’s new BV option (built-in, direct-acting valve) connects directly to the pump providing manufacturers with a compact, yet powerful, solenoid-operated vacuum pump with cycle rates up to 80 cycles per second. The BV Series pumps can be located close to the work source to save space, streamline plumbing and minimize wiring connections.  

Like all Vaccon products, the BV Series offers designers, engineers and OEM’s the flexibility of precise control of vacuum flow and vacuum level (up to 28”Hg) for each unique application.

“There are simply no other manufacturers of venturi pumps that even come close to the performance range for vacuum levels and vacuum flows, as well as, the unprecedented speed and tolerance for dirt that these Vaccon products offer,” said Rod Macleod, Vaccon’s Sales Manager and one of the original designers of this product line.

Featuring a straight-through design, Vaccon venturi vacuum pumps operate trouble free: no flap valves to clog, stick open or wear out, no maintenance and no downtime.  

“There is not a less complicated, more reliable, solenoid controlled vacuum pump found anywhere,” said Macleod.

To eliminate the guesswork and ensure optimum performance, Vaccon VP/BV Series includes the properly sized solenoid valve for each pump. The BV option can be factory installed or attached in the field. 

About Vaccon

Based in the US, Vaccon is a 40 year old business that engineers and manufactures venturi vacuum pumps and end-of-arm tooling for automation, robotic and process control industries. Designed for performance, reliability and efficiency, Vaccon pumps operate maintenance-free, increasing manufacturing productivity and profitability by reducing downtime. Working in collaboration with machine designers and OEM’s, Vaccon will modify standard products or custom design new ones to meet any size, shape, material, or performance range and at any quantity. Vaccon vacuum technology experts provide free technical support, application assistance and innovative product solutions. Vaccon vacuum products are available through an independent distributor network throughout the U.S., around the world and on the web.

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