Soldering System meets high thermal demand applications.

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Controlled and powered by SmartHeat® Technology, Model PS-900 enables lead-free soldering as well as soldering of multi-layer boards and large mass components. Fixed temperature system varies power to match thermal demand of device being soldered, while SmartHeat eliminates potential for thermal overshoot, and Auto-Sleep workstand automatically reduces tip temperature during idle periods. Over 30 tip geometries are available in dimensions as small as .016-.197 in.

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New PS-900 Soldering System Delivers High Power with Superior Thermal Control

The PS-900 Soldering System raises power output, without using excessive tip temperatures, for improved production quality, better joint formation, and reduced tip erosion for lower tip replacement costs and downtime.

OK International, a leading world-wide manufacturer of soldering systems including the Metcal and OKi brands, has introduced the PS-900 Soldering System. Controlled and powered by SmartHeat® Technology, the PS-900 provides users with exceptional capability to solder high thermal demand applications including lead-free solders, multi-layer boards, and large mass components.

The PS-900 is a fixed temperature system that varies power to match the thermal demand of the device being soldered. SmartHeat® Technology provides an exceptionally fast response when under load while eliminating the potential for thermal overshoot. The result is a high quality solder joint formed at safe, controlled temperatures.

"Effective management of heater power is the key to producing good solder joints, particularly with lead-free materials," said Tom Seratti, VP Global Sales and Marketing, OK International. "The PS-900 produces high-quality solder joints using tip temperatures closer to the melting point of the SAC alloy, thereby eliminating common lead-free challenges such as rapid tip erosion, scorching of the PCB surface, and thermal damage to components that can occur when the tip temperature is set too high."

The PS-900 has a compact footprint power supply in a rugged, lightweight cast aluminum housing. The system includes an ergonomic soldering handpiece, an Auto-sleep Workstand for the soldering iron, and a temperature resistant tip removal pad.

Over 30 tip geometries are available in dimensions as small as 0.4 mm (.016") to 5 mm (.197"). This range of tips allows users to perform a wide variety of applications including single point soldering of through-hole and SMD leads, drag soldering SMD leads, touch-up and pad clean-up. All PS-900 tips employ the use of high plating thickness. This feature protects the tip from flux attack, therefore, prolonging tip life and lowering operating costs.

The Auto-Sleep workstand, which is unique to OK International, automatically reduces the tip temperature during idle periods, providing increased tip life. Moreover, with SmartHeat® Technology, the PS-900 does not require calibration. This eliminates costly down-time typically associated with conventional soldering systems.

The new system will be available from January 31st 2008.

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