Soldering/De-Soldering System comes with dual LCD displays.

Press Release Summary:

Used in general purpose soldering and lead-free soldering applications, Soldering/De-Soldering System is operated in 160° - 480°C temperature range. Featuring high quality sensor for precise control at soldering tip, system consists of 200W soldering iron and 130W de-soldering pump. Product gets heated up to 350°C in less than 30 seconds. Unit’s LCD displays provide information of both soldering iron and de-soldering gun. The vacuum in the system suctions the debris into the storage chamber.

Original Press Release:

Aven’s Deluxe 2-in-1 Soldering/De-Soldering Station with Premium Features

Aven’s 2-in-1 Soldering/De-Soldering Station features a soldering iron and de-soldering gun in one compact unit. This station is intended for general purpose soldering as well as specialized lead-free soldering applications. This deluxe station is designed for a wide temperature range (160°-480°C or 320°-896°F) and the soldering iron tool heats rapidly from room temperature to 350°C in as little as 30 seconds. With its high-quality sensor, the heat exchange system guarantees precise temperature control at the soldering tip. Dual LCD displays show temperature information for both the soldering iron and de-soldering gun. The de-soldering gun easily melts and vacuum suctions debris into the storage chamber.

Aven’s 2-in-1 Soldering/De-Soldering Station includes the following items:

  • 200W soldering iron and 130W de-soldering pump
  • Sponge and coiled brass tip cleaner
  • Durable iron holder secures heated iron and gun between uses
  • Includes standard pointed tip and standard de-soldering tip

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