Solder Paste suits high-speed printing processes.

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Multicore® 63S4 MP200 no-clean solder paste is formulated with 63S4 alloy that eliminates tombstone defects and reduces component misalignment. Paste delivers extended abandon time, long open time, and slump resistance. It is suitable for HASL, OSP copper, gold over nickel, and silver immersion. Multicore 63S4 meets or exceeds test specifications of J-STD-004 for copper mirror, copper plate, chlorides and bromides, and is classified as ROL0.

Original Press Release:

Phased Reflow Anti-Tombstoning Solder Paste for High Speed Printing Processes

Industry, Calif. - November 21, 2002.... Henkel Loctite Corporation has introduced new Loctite(R) Multicore(R) 63S4 MP200 no-clean solder paste, formulated with the unique 63S4 alloy that eliminates costly tombstone defects and reduces components misalignment that occurs when reflowing boards with very small components such as 0402 and 0201 chips. This paste offers excellent performance on difficult to solder substrates.

Suitable for fine pitch, high speed printing applications, Multicore 63S4 MP200 is a drop in replacement for standard lead alloys, but offers a wider process window to compensate for inaccuracies in screen printing, pick-and-place, and thermal profiling. The paste is formulated to deliver extended abandon time, long open time, slump resistance and increased tack life. The product is suitable for use on a variety of substrates including HASL, OSP copper, gold over nickel, and silver immersion.

The Loctite Multicore 63S4 alloy blends SN63 and SN62 with melting points of 183°C and 179°C respectively. In a phased reflow process, a small amount of SN62 wets both sides of the termination before the SN63 melts, tack soldering components to the PCB and delivering a larger assembly process window. By eliminating tombstone defects, 63S4 MP200 solder paste increases production yield, decreases rework costs, and improves overall quality.

This paste meets or exceeds test specifications of J-STD-004 for copper mirror, copper plate, chlorides and bromides, and is classified as ROL0. Multicore 63S4 MP200 also meets Bellcore GR-78-Core standards for electromigration. For more information on Loctite(R) Multicore(R) 63S4 MP200, call (626) 968-6511 or visit the Loctite Web site at

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