Solar Power System offers remote gas flow monitoring.

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Able to withstand harsh environments, SOLARPack(TM) combines solar power control and communication with intelligent battery charger that prevents hydrogen generation due to overcharging. Remote communications to SCADA host are provided using integrated spread spectrum radio technology. Designed for remote sites where environment is extreme, SOLARPack is suited for valve plunger automation with electronic flow measurement, and well head gas measurement with tubing and casing pressure.

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Control Microsystems Announces SOLARPack(TM), Integrated Solar Power Control & Communications System That Features Intelligent Battery Sensing

New Solar Power System for Remote Gas Flow Monitoring & Control Delivers Highly Reliable Energy Source and Prevents Overcharging

Ottawa, ON, October 18, 2006 - Control Microsystems, global developer of advanced RTU/PLCs, SCADA management software, and intelligent sensors, today at ISA Expo 2006 announced the release of SOLARPack(TM), an integrated solar power control and communication system designed for harsh environments. SOLARPack combines solar power technology, with a unique, intelligent battery charger that prevents hydrogen generation due to overcharging. Designed for use at remote sites where the environment is extreme and power is hard to come by, SOLARPack is ideal for such applications as valve plunger automation with electronic flow measurement (EFM), and well head gas measurement with tubing and casing pressure.

"SOLARPack brings solar power, intelligent battery charging, and reliable spread-spectrum communications to remote gas flow installations", stated Dale Symington, Senior Vice President Engineering, Control Microsystems. "The innovative design allows for quick, out-of-the-box installation. And the intelligent battery charger delivers a highly reliable energy source and ensures operation even in the harshest of environments."

Uninterrupted Power: Intelligent Battery Charger
SOLARPack employs a unique precision adaptive battery-charging algorithm that ensures autonomous flow computer operation with uninterrupted power during periods of little or no sunshine lasting up to one month. Temperature-compensated battery charging and radio load-shedding extend battery life beyond that of competitive options.
SOLARPack's unique battery charging algorithm is designed to manage solar battery charging n three stages to ensure optimal charging in varying conditions, providing complete charging while at the same time preventing overcharging. The first stage tests the battery to determine if it is safe to proceed; the second stage applies a temperature compensated charge voltage and is where the bulk of the battery charge is replenished. The third and final stage operates at a reduced or float voltage. This approach maximizes the life of the battery and delivers a highly reliable energy source.

Integrated Remote Communications
Remote communications to a SCADA host are provided using integrated spread spectrum radio technology. Supported radio platforms include FreeWave FGR09CSU 900 MHz Spread Spectrum, MDS TransNet 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Transceiver, and MaxStream XTend OEM RF 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Module. SOLARPack also can be integrated to a PC or optional SCADAPack Vision or Vision50 operator interface terminal.

Safe & Reliable Battery Operation
SOLARPack configurations include external or internal batteries and mounting options for walls or standard two inch pipes. Knock-outs are provided for conduit and cable fittings, and easy access, to the battery. The system easily interfaces with Control Microsystems' RealFLO 4202FGC and most third-party solar panels and batteries.

When charging any battery, hydrogen gas build-up in the enclosure is a concern. SOLARPack addresses this dangerous possibility by incorporating two NEMA 4 vent/drains into the internal battery enclosure to prevent pressure build-up and drain condensation. In addition, battery health checks are performed automatically before each charging cycle, preventing defective battery cells from being charged. An internal, battery terminal-mounted temperature sensor aids in the precise regulation of charge and float voltages.

Other built-in safety features include automatic self-resetting circuit breakers, sustained over-current protection, intelligent power output circuit breakers, and radio load-shedding.

Pricing & Delivery
Pricing for SOLARPack starts at $900 US. Now available for delivery.

About Control Microsystems
Control Microsystems is a global supplier of state-of-the-art automation products for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Founded in 1980, the company has led the industry in developing and manufacturing innovative solutions such as the SCADAPack(TM) Series of RTU/PLCs that combine high performance communications with high speed processing, and ClearSCADA(TM), an advanced process management system featuring a unique, all-in-one design that reduces programming time and increases engineering productivity. The company's product line also includes intelligent sensors and gas production automation products engineered for remote installation in harsh, unattended environments. Conxol Microsystems' products are used around the world in municipal water and wastewater automation; in natural gas and crude oil production, gathering, and pipeline automation, and a wide variety of other industrial automation applications. For more information, visit

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