Solar Atmospheres Southeast Vacuum Furnace Capacity

Greenville, SC – Solar Atmospheres newest facility in Greenville, South Carolina has a wide range of vacuum processing capacity now available. From furnaces suited for small lots and development cycles to a 24 foot long vacuum chamber capable of processing up to 50,000 lbs at 2650°F.  All backed by AS9100 and Nadcap quality systems to provide the assurance that your product is being processed as it should be.

  • Current vacuum furnace capability:

Hot Zone Dimensions

Max Temperature

Max Load (lbs)

24" wide x 24" high x 36" deep (10 bar)

2650°F / 1454°C


36" wide x 36" high x 48" deep (2 bar)

2500°F / 1370°C


36" wide X 36" high X 48" deep (10 bar)

2500°F / 1370°C


54" wide X 54" high X 288" deep (2 bar)

2650°F / 1454°C


  • Wide range of processing options including vacuum carburizing and cryogenic processing

  • Metallurgical testing laboratory to provide product and process validation from surface hardness testing to microstructure evaluation

President Steve Prout states, "the US Southeast continues to grow and attract manufacturers supporting a broad range of market sectors. We are proud to be a supplier that is positioned to support this growth and we are excited to find ways to help our customers achieve their goals and contribute toward their success."

For additional information on our processing options and our capabilities, contact Mike Harper at, and visit us at


Solar Atmospheres Southeast specializes in vacuum heat treating, vacuum brazing and vacuum carburizing services. Using state-of-the-art furnace technology, Solar serves over 18 metal working industries including Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Power Generation. With processing expertise and responsive service, Solar processes small or large parts efficiently with a wide range of vacuum furnaces. Sizes range from lab furnaces to 24 feet long.  Solar's unique capabilities, consistent quality and responsive service produce bright scale-free parts with minimal distortion that are delivered on time. With an in-house RD team of metallurgists, Solar works with customers to develop innovative, custom solutions. For more information, visit

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