Software viusalizes C++ and C# code structures, patterns.

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Code Summarizer v3.1, Visual Studio package under Microsoft Visual Studio Industrial Partnership (VSIP) program, allows Visual Studio programmer to see code in electronic map fashion. Designed to facilitate code navigation and cross reference during coding process, program reveals code structures in compact view that does not require scrolling in order to locate long code blocks. Solution supports Visual Studio 2005/2008 and maps C++ as well as C# code.

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A Different View of C++ and C# Code with Code Summarizer 3.1

Code Summarizer, a Visual Studio package under Microsoft Visual Studio Industrial Partnership (VSIP) program, has released its 3.1 version. Code Summarizer allows Visual Studio Programmer to see their code in a electronic map fashion, similar to Microsoft Virtual Earth to geological maps. This package, like many other programming tools, is to ease code navigation and cross reference during the coding process. Other than its navigation functionality, Code Summarizer 3.1 also reveals code structures in a compact view that programmers don't have scroll around to locate long code blocks. Version 3.1 supports Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, and it maps C++ and C# code only.

The main interface is called map view, which in the sidebar of Visual Studio. Each map corresponds to one source file. Functions/methods are clearly separate with background colors. The left side of the map visualizes code structures and patterns, like "if, for, foreach, switch, while, do...". On top of each function, there are function labels. Clicking on those labels show or hide significant lines. Like regular maps you can zoom in or zoom out, but most of the zoomed out view should be enough for most navigation or for code analysis. Programmers can create their own map called collection which is a virtual place to hold functions from different source files.

Unlike other programming tools, using Code Summarizer 3.1 is not effortless at the beginning. Programmers need to have some patient to get used to its interface. Usually they don't see the benefit immediately. Main reason other than the nature of the software is that this package is new for many programmers. However, programmers who use Code Summarizer feel this package provides highly demaned features, like viusalizing code structures and patterns. They also feel that the map view gives enough information on very compact form for code functions and at the same pertain the location information. This allows programmers to see big pictures and the details in the same view.

Code Summarizer 3.1 is a shareware with 30 day trial period of full functions. It costs 29.99USD to purchase. It can be downloaded from or


The vendor/maker of Code Summarizer is Seinactive Software. Website: Email:
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