Software views job dependencies and ongoing relationships.

Press Release Summary:

ActiveBatch v4 job scheduling/monitoring/management system includes graphical interface, which allows users to instantly see active jobs and corresponding relationships. Software also includes support for UNIX platforms, scheduling options for control when scheduling or running jobs, and database compatibility. File dependency support and capability to couple job and file dependencies allows for automation. ActiveBatch Web Server add-in offers RunBook and reporting capabilities.

Original Press Release:

Advanced Systems Concepts Announces ActiveBatch Version 4, Featuring New Graphical Interface, Increased Platform Support

Leading Job Scheduling/Monitoring/Management System Allows Users to Instantly See Active Jobs and Their Relationships; New Version Also Offers Expanded Scheduling Options

HOBOKEN, NJ (October 28, 2002) Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS systems, today announced the release of ActiveBatch Version 4, the latest upgrade to the industry's most advanced job scheduling, monitoring, and management application. Bannering the list of upgrades in the Version 4 is a significantly more powerful graphical interface, allowing operators to instantly view and monitor active jobs while giving them a total view of dependencies and other ongoing system relationships.

Other improvements in the new version of ActiveBatch include:

o Support for additional UNIX platforms such as AIX Version 4.3 and above, HP-UX Version 11, and Linux;

o Expanded scheduling options that offer better control when scheduling or running jobs;

o Improved database compatibility, allowing operators to use a broader range of databases while retaining compatibility with existing software;

o New file dependency support, along with a new ability to couple job and file dependencies for improved automation;

o Better report output performance and more reporting options; and

o A new ActiveBatch Web Server add-in that offers improved RunBook and reporting capabilities.

"The upgrades in Version 4 have significantly increased the business value and convenience of ActiveBatch," said Jim Manias, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced Systems Concepts. "Even more, ActiveBatch is making enterprise automation more affordable than ever, due to our company's efforts to lower acquisition and licensing costs. No matter what the user environment, and regardless of what the task, ActiveBatch is the complete solution for complex batch processing control and management." ActiveBatch is a comprehensive, scalable, one-stop solution for unattended job execution across a variety of software platforms. Its broad range of new and existing capabilities provide a comprehensive strategy for coordinating, managing, and monitoring single and repetitive applications and jobs, with scheduling implemented through a wide range of criteria including date, time, system resources, dependencies, triggers, and events.

New Graphical Features

ActiveBatch Version 4's new graphical interface portrays jobs and job streams by depicting their explicit relationships graphically. These relationships can be created onscreen by simply drawing lines from one job box to another; a box then appears, providing relevant dependency information. Two new ActiveBatch add-ins System View and Relationship Editor are also available. Both of these options enable the operator to create and see job streams and job relationships; System View also enables the user to trigger jobs and easily monitor operations via a unique graphical system of onscreen shapes and colors. Additional features include an MMC snap-in and new performance monitoring support.

Other Valuable Benefits

ActiveBatch Version 4 supports four standard client interfaces (GUI, CLI, MMC, and COM) as well as optional web server (Internet Explorer/Netscape) and wireless (BlackBerry(tm) handheld) capability, allowing operators to control job scheduling tasks as needed from nearly any access point.

The application's new UNIX compatibility enhances the application's existing support for the most popular platforms including Windows XP/2000/NT, Sun Solaris, Compaq Tru64 Unix, and Open VMS. Using any of these platforms, ActiveBatch can run jobs based on Calendar, Event (using Windows Management Instrumentation), or On-Demand triggers from anywhere across the enterprise.

Via ActiveBatch's use of workload balancing, enterprises enjoy high availability and scalability in their job processing activities. Workload balancing submits jobs only to systems that have the required resources; this function not only automatically moves tasks away from systems that are down, but also allows the addition of new systems without requiring programming changes.

ActiveBatch Version 4 is expected to be released October 27, 2002, and will be available for purchase from Advanced Systems Concepts via the company's direct sales representatives. For additional information about ActiveBatch Version 4, or to obtain a purchase quote, log on to

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