Software Utility facilitates XP to Vista migration.

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Multiplicity Pro v1.2 enables use of multiple Windows® Vista(TM)- and XP(TM)-based computers, side-by-side, as if they were one computer. Using network connection between machines, program establishes universal clipboard and allows one keyboard and mouse to control all machines. Each PC continues to have monitor attached to it, and setup functionality is likened to that of multi-monitor systems. Windows Vista support includes ability to copy and paste files and folders between machines.

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Updated Multiplicity Pro Eases XP to Vista Migration

Multiplicity Pro 1.2 enables users to control Vista, XP machines side by side with a single keyboard and mouse -

PLYMOUTH, Mich., June 11 - If you are on the fence about upgrading to Windows(R) Vista(TM) but are hesitant due to the tedious amounts of effort in migrating from XP(TM) to Vista, then look no further than Multiplicity Pro 1.2 from Stardock.

Today Stardock released Multiplicity Pro 1.2. Multiplicity Pro is a program that allows users to use multiple computers together at their desk as if they were a single computer. The program uses a network connection between machines to establish a universal clipboard and allow a single keyboard and mouse to control them all. Each PC continues to have a monitor attached to it and the setup works similarly a multi-monitor system.

Multiplicity Pro 1.2 adds support for Windows Vista including the ability to copy and paste files and folders between machines. For users trying to migrate from Windows XP to Windows Vista, these features can drastically ease the transition.

"I couldn't imagine trying to move to a new Vista machine from XP without it," said Brad Wardell, Product Manager of Multiplicity. "I always forget files, settings, URLs, whenever I move to another machine. With Multiplicity, I use both the XP and the Vista machine together for a while as I migrate to using the Vista machine full-time. As I remember scattered files or a forgotten URL or an email I missed, I just select what I need to move over, copy it, and then move my mouse cursor over to the monitor connected to the Vista machine and paste it."

For users, the experience is similar to a multi-monitor setup on a single PC except that with Multiplicity, each monitor is connected to its own computer. This allows users to take advantage of the power and resources of an entirely separate computer with the ease and convenience of a multiple monitor setup.

Multiplicity is $29.95. Multiplicity Pro adds file copying and support for more than 2 computers and is $49.95. A demo version is available at Stardock's website.

The home page for Multiplicity is:

About Stardock

Stardock is the world's leading developer of utilities that enhance the Windows experience. Its software is used by over 10 million people worldwide and has been licensed by trendsetting companies like NVIDIA, ATI, Alienware and Microsoft, plus in movies and on TV. Stardock operates, the premier portal for Windows enhancement, drawing more than 3 million unique visitors each month. Stardock is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. The company's website is

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