Software transforms print datastreams.

Press Release Summary:

Infoprint® Transform Manager v1.2 provides Linux(TM)-based data and image transform solution that delivers scalable performance on multiple processors or blade servers. Capabilities include transforming PDF, PostScript, PCL, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF files to AFP, and software corrects malformed PDF files when converting them. Suitable for heterogeneous environments, program delivers consistent output independent of job submission platform and supports file sizes over 2 GB.

Original Press Release:

IBM Infoprint Transform Manager Transforms More Datastreams

Enhancements in IBM Infoprint Transform Manager V1.2 for Linux include:
Support for additional print servers
More transforms
Support for larger files
Ability to correct many PDF files
Installation on blade servers without professional services
Enhanced messaging

For ordering, contact:
Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).

IBM Infoprint® Transform Manager is a cost-effective, Linux(TM)-based data and image transform offering that provides:

Scalable performance through the use of multiple processors or Blade servers for scalability
Single transform appliance for heterogeneous environments
Superior image quality
Consistent output independent of job submission platform
Ease of mind from being built and supported by IBM

Infoprint Transform Manager represents IBM's strategic transform solution for multiplatforms. This component technology eliminates the need for individual transforms running on each platform. This allows you to offload compute-intensive transform processing from your print server and provides a solid architecture for flexible integration of additional transforms.

IBM Infoprint Transform Manager V1.2 for Linux can now be called from IBM Infoprint Server for z/OS®, in addition to IBM Infoprint Manager for AIX® and IBM Infoprint Manager for Windows(TM). Infoprint Transform Manager V1.2 can now support files larger than 2 GB for input or output and can transform:

PostScript to AFP

Moreover, Infoprint Transform Manager V1.2 can autonomically correct many malformed PDF files when converting them to AFP. Finally, Infoprint Transform Manager V1.2 offers easier problem determination through enhanced messaging and has a new Blade server install process wizard that makes installation on blade servers easier.

Key prerequisites

Two-processor SLES 9-certified server or IBM HS20 blade processor
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 for x86
One of the following:
Infoprint Server feature of IBM z/OS 1.4, or later
IBM Infoprint Manager for AIX V4.2
IBM Infoprint Manager for Windows V2.2

Planned availability date
December 16, 2005

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