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IMPACT Encore(TM) Goods In Transit (GIT) provides visibility of goods and facilitates transfers between warehouses by issuing Supply Chain Transfer, a type of sales order which enables transfers to be reviewed and receipted in the same manner as purchase orders. Transaction is tracked from start to completion. User-definable Engineering Change Control (ECC) software documents and controls changes, replacing paper trail that accompanies changes to product design data.

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Syspro Engineering Change Control, Goods in Transit Systems Enhance Visibility, Flexibility, Customer Service

CHICAGO - National Manufacturing Week -- March 18, 2002 -- The Syspro Group (Booth #6134) will show its new IMPACT Encore(TM) Goods In Transit (GIT) and Engineering Change Control (ECC) software systems during National Manufacturing Week. Both solutions, recently introduced with Version 5.1 of Syspro's IMPACT Encore ERP software system, greatly improve an organization's insight into operations, provide management with superior controls and enable firms to enhance customer service.

As the name implies, the Goods in Transit system provides visibility of all goods which are in currently in transit. It facilitates transfers between warehouses by issuing a Supply Chain Transfer, a new type of sales order which enables transfers to be reviewed and receipted in the same manner as purchase orders. When the stock in one warehouse is inadequate to satisfy demand, it even suggests inter-warehouse transfers as an alternative to new purchases.

The entire transaction is tracked from start to completion, producing a unique transfer document. Users have the option of issuing per line printouts or a single document upon completion of a transfer. Outstanding transfers by warehouse are also visible to the entire enterprise.

The result is a transparent, audited, documented procedural approach to goods in transit, historically a gray area in many ERP solutions.

Engineering Change Control System
The Engineering Change Order process is a user-definable workflow type sub-system that replaces the paper trail that usually accompanies any changes to product design data.
It provides the mechanisms and audit trails for the assigning of product design tasks to particular users/groups of users, the transfer of these tasks between users/groups of users, user notification of new tasks as well as reminders of outstanding tasks and electronic sign offs. The result is greater control of business procedures, automated notification of tasks within the ECO Process and complete visibility of all trails and procedures.

The Engineering Change Control (ECC) module enables companies to manage effectively and efficiently engineering changes to their products and/or associated data. By maintaining a record of all engineering changes, a firm can be more responsive to customers who may request prior versions of products or specific engineering changes.

Engineering Change Orders are the hub of the ECC system and the mechanism by which changes to products under the control of ECC are documented and controlled. Users of the ECC system can even define a string of statuses through which an ECO must pass. When an ECO is moved into a status, the, software even enables the firing of associated events.

The maintenance of complete history and audit trails facilitates the archival of structures, routings and jobs relating to a Bill of Material. The system can thus reproduce prior revisions or releases of BOMs.

The system tracks all related product information, including drawings and circuit diagrams. CNC programs are tracked to facilitate the maintenance of multiple revisions of the same inventory item.

Syspro's IMPACT Encore is a fully integrated, modular enterprise-wide system. IMPACT Encore optimizes the abilities of single and multi-site manufacturers (repetitive, custom, quick-turn
and mixed mode) and distributors. It offers outstanding price/performance and balance of functionality. More than 40 application modules cover financial controls, sales, purchasing,
inventory control, MRP/production control, forecasting, distribution, Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Execution and CRM, enabling manufacturers to tailor solutions specific to their
requirements. IMPACT Encore supports Microsoft SQL and runs on Windows® 2000, XP, NT and 98, as well as Unix, Linux and Novell.

The Syspro Group, established in 1978, is a world leader in providing manufacturing, distribution and financial accounting software solutions with thousands of installations in more than 50 countries. Syspro is one of the world's most honored software companies. Recent milestones include: START Magazine's First Annual Vision Award (2001); Number One Ranking in 2002 Middle Market ERP Software conducted by Accounting Research, Inc.; Named Finalist for Developer of the Year (2001) by the Software Council of Southern California; Ranked Among World's Top Software Companies by MSI Magazine, Managing Automation Magazine, Software Magazine, VAR Business;Consistently High Ratings in both the Accounting and Manufacturing Software Reviews
by CPA Software News for ten consecutive years; "Hottest Company" designation by START Magazine for Three Years; Placed in Top Ten Mid-Market Accounting and Beginning ERP Markets by K2 Enterprises; and Certification by the Accounting Library for the past three years.

Syspro Group software is marketed worldwide through regional territory distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia and the U.K.

Syspro headquarters for the Americas are located in Costa Mesa, Calif., from which the company markets its IMPACT Encore supply chain software to emerging companies in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. or email

For additional information, please contact Stan Goodrich at 714/437-1000.

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