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Stay-Linked(TM) v7 provides centralized, secure wireless access to 5250/3270 and VT100/220 host-based screen applications. Advanced Terminal Session Management functionality includes API that lets developers implement programmatic interaction with terminal devices and user sessions from within host application. Featuring GUI console, thin-client software solution lets users configure and manage automatic deployment of client software and software settings.

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New Version 7 of eSP's Market-Leading Stay-Linked Adds Advanced Wireless Terminal Session Management Functions

Users and Support/Development Staff Will Benefit from Efficiency Gains and Centralized Control Offered by Thin-Client Wireless Terminal Emulation Solution

TUSTIN, Calif., June 23, 2005 - eBusiness Solution Pros, Inc. (eSP), developers of the award-winning Stay-Linked(tm) thin-client software solution for wireless terminal environments, has announced availability of Stay-Linked Version 7. This major release adds a valuable set of new functionality to Stay-Linked 6.2's Terminal Session Management (TSM) capabilities, now collectively called Advanced Terminal Session Management (ATSM).

The market leader in host-based, thin-client wireless terminal emulation, Stay-Linked provides centralized, secure, high-performance wireless access to 5250/3270 and VT100/220 host-based screen applications, with support for a wide range of wireless terminal devices from Symbol, Intermec, AML, PSC, HHP, LXE and other manufacturers.

"Version 7 fulfills our initial vision for Stay-Linked and delivers all the features and functionality desired by our now large installed customer base, our solution-oriented reseller channel, and our strategic business partners," said David Griffith, eSP's president and CEO. "Unlike all the other device-side products available, we chose to create a host-centric, thin-client solution for wireless terminal environments - a decision that made all this new functionality possible, in addition to the session-connection reliability Stay-Linked ensures."

Stay-Linked 7 takes full advantage of the inherent benefits of thin-client architecture by delivering unprecedented centralized management capabilities The added ATSM functionality includes a new API (application programming interface) for developers to implement programmatic interaction with terminal devices and user sessions from within the host application. Also new is an Explorer-style Stay-Linked Administrator GUI console for centrally managing all Stay-Linked servers in the enterprise within a single drill-down view; it features enhanced options and capabilities for efficiently interacting with large numbers of connected devices. Expanded host platform support and more flexible licensing/pricing options have also been added.

Combined with the foundation set of TSM features introduced in Stay-Linked 6.2, Version 7 lets centralized support staff - in real time - monitor, take control of, or share any terminal session running under the Stay-Linked server software on the host computer, regardless of the device's status. Also in real time, centralized support staff can send text messages, send and retrieve files, reboot selected devices, and restart Stay-Linked software on any terminal device connected to a Stay-Linked server on the host computer.

Additionally, Version 7 allows administrators to centrally configure and manage the automatic deployment of Stay-Linked client software packages to devices and to centrally manage Stay-Linked client software settings. When subsequent connections are established to the host server, thin-client software updates and software settings are efficiently applied to the devices.

Enabling this valuable set of ATSM functionality is Stay-Linked's innovative Client2Host(tm) architecture. Wireless terminal users remote-control Telnet client sessions running under the management of Stay-Linked's natively installed host-based server process. When temporary disruptions in wireless device-to-host access occur, as soon as access is restored, users are automatically returned to their original wireless session - the exact same screen and cursor location. The Stay-Linked server component is available on a wide range of highly-reliable host computing platforms, such as the IBM AS/400-iSeries, RS/6000-AIX, HP9000-HP/UX, Sun Solaris, SCO OpenServer/OpenUnix, and Linux- or Windows-based Intel.

"The timing for Stay-Linked 7 is ideal," said Mike Pagani, eSP's vice president of marketing. "New ISV partnerships with device manufacturers Symbol, Intermec and AML - along with private-label Powered by Stay-Linked offerings from Manhattan Associates and Matrix Systems & Solutions - have significantly enhanced our presence in the marketplace. Stay-Linked is enjoying tremendous momentum and gaining market share by replacing device-side Telnet client products at supply-chain oriented end-user organizations of all sizes."

Stay-Linked 7 is available from eSP's Web site as a free downloadable upgrade for existing customers with a current support and maintenance agreement, as well as from eSP-authorized Stay-Linked Certified Partner resellers. Stay-Linked installs quickly and easily and is offered fully functional on a no-charge, 30-day evaluation basis.

More information is available from eBusiness Solution Pros, Inc., 15991 Redhill Ave., Suite 210, Tustin, Calif., 92780; telephone 714-918-7700; fax 714-918-7727; e-mail; or on the Web at, which includes a short streaming media presentation, "An Introduction to Stay-Linked." Stay-Linked was the Products of the Year Winner for 2003 in the PC/Windows Connectivity category.

About eBusiness Solution Pros (eSP)

eSP, the developers of Stay-Linked, has been in business since 1991 and is primarily focused on developing, selling and supporting software technology and professional services solutions for inventory control, warehouse management, manufacturing, distribution and retail application environments on the IBM AS/400-iSeries and other highly reliable host-computing platforms.

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