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ThinkTank® v2.3 features Spanish internationalization, which enables Spanish speaking users to utilize ThinkTank® in their native language, and provides foundation for future translations to Latin based languages. It allows session leaders to personalize ThinkTank® welcome screens with logos, special messages, and images. Software offers improved data representation, customizable user interface font sizes, customizable reporting features, and instructional prompts.

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GroupSystems Releases ThinkTank® 2.3

World Leader in Group Intelligence Technology Enhances Product Usability

DENVER, June 4 /-- GroupSystems Corporation, a world leader in group intelligence and team decision-making technology, released the newest version of its product, ThinkTank® 2.3, on May 28, 2008.

"The current release of ThinkTank will allow GroupSystems to continue its collaborative technology leadership," said Mick Blasik, President of Collaborative Strategies, Inc.

ThinkTank® 2.3 contains all of the innovation tools and features already a part of the technology plus new and improved usability. New functionality includes:

o Spanish Internationalization -- now Spanish speaking customers can
fully utilize ThinkTank® in their native language. In addition, this
improved functionality provides a foundation for future translations to
other Latin based languages.
o Customized Welcome Screen -- session leaders may now personalize their
ThinkTank® session welcome screens with logos, special messages and
images, giving all group collaboration participants a more complete
o Improved Data Representation -- team decision-making capabilities are
taken to a higher level by increasing the decimal precision and
accuracy of session data within ThinkTank®'s comprehensive graphing
and reporting tools.

"ThinkTank 2.3 brings something for everyone ... I especially like the functionality of the new bubble chart in alternative analysis which makes exploring and explaining three criteria data more visual!" said Peter Beck, President of Decision Technology.

Other usability improvements include customizable user interface font sizes, customizable reporting features and instructional prompt language for users. For a complete list of release features please visit

About GroupSystems

Founded in the 1980s by a joint research project between University of Arizona and IBM Corporation, GroupSystems is a globally recognized leader in team collaboration for innovation, decision-making and leadership. Creating the Group Intelligence segment, GroupSystems focuses on the processes and technologies to harness the collective wisdom of many. With both SaaS and on-premise installed software, the company supports the largest global customer base in Group Intelligence from Corporate, Government, Defense and Education market segments. GroupSystems' global customer base represents roughly 75 percent market share of the Group Intelligence segment of collaborative computing. Major partners include WebEx, Microsoft, and IBM. Additional information may be obtained at

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